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The 10 Sézane Essentials to Buy Now and Wear Forever

The 10 Sézane Essentials to Buy Now and Wear Forever

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Here are the ten Sézane essentials your closet needs. If you are a faithful reader of Leonce Chenal, you may already know my admiration for the French clothing brand Sézane. Over the years, the Parisian label has become synonymous with high-quality, perfectly cut pieces designed for everyday wear at an accessible price.

In today’s article, I spotlight ten standout pieces from Sézane’s collection. Each item, characterized by its subtle femininity and comfort, can serve as a foundational element for a well-rounded French capsule wardrobe. These pieces are designed with versatility in mind, offering endless opportunities for chic ensemble creation. Dive into today’s editorial as I curate la crème de la crème of Sézane’s collection.

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About Sézane

Sézane was officially created in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory, Thibault Lougnon, and Corentin Petit, but it originated from a previous venture. When Sézalory was a teenager, her older sister moved to London and left clothes, bags, and shoes behind. With a keen eye for unique fashion finds from Parisian vintage stores and a flair for creating beautiful imagery, Sézalory began selling these items on eBay. She later embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, sourcing and selling vintage pieces on the platform.

As her collection grew to include upscale vintage items from luxury brands like Hermès, Chanel, and Courrèges, she realized eBay was not the ideal platform for her offerings. This led to the birth of “Les Composantes,” her own website where she introduced a monthly “rendez-vous,” selling a curated selection of 100 unique vintage pieces. The venture was an instant hit, with her first collection selling out in just 2 minutes!

In 2013, because her customers were frustrated they couldn’t buy their favorite pieces fast enough, Sézalory shifted away from vintage pieces and used her knowledge of fabrics and fashion history to create her own label, Sézane (the contraction of her first and last names).

Sézane’s Ethos

The brand’s philosophy was clear: to create high-quality, perfectly-cut pieces that can be worn forever. “I always wanted to create clothes for real life — not clothes that people working in fashion or a creative environment would wear, but items that any type of woman can choose in her daily life. […]”, she told WWD. Born in Paris and crafted using the expertise of the best ateliers, Sézane offers everyone luxury quality at a fair and accessible price.

Sézane’s offerings are diverse. While the brand offers a permanent collection, the “Top 30,” it also introduces four seasonal drops and a monthly capsule collection featuring unique pieces. Every Wednesday and Sunday, Sézane releases their news, most-wanted restocks, and latest inspirations. Expanding its horizons, the brand introduced a men’s line, “Octobre,” in 2016 and initiated its philanthropic program, “Demain,” in 2018.

The brand is also on an ongoing quest to bring more sustainability to its business model. Three-quarters of their materials are eco-friendly, with certifications from industry stalwarts like GOTS, Oeko-Tex, FSC, Ecovero, RWS, and RMS. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices has earned them the prestigious B Corp certification.

10 Timeless Sézane Pieces to Buy Now

1. Max Shirt

sezane essentials max shirt
Photo: Sézane.

The Max shirt is my go-to oversized shirt (I have one in casual white, striped blue, poplin white, and striped pink). You can wear yours with beige linen wide-leg pants and a pair of flat leather sandals in the spring-summer season. Or, pair it with tapered denim loafers and a trench coat when temperatures get chillier.

2. Milo Classic Bag

sezane essentials milo bag
Photo: Sézane.

The Milo bag is the perfect crossbody bag to carry all your daily essentials. Its rectangular shape reminds me of A.P.C.’s small Grace crossbody bag. Consider opting for the Milo bag in classic colors like natural heritage or smooth black for more versatility.

3. Gaspard Cardigan

Photo: Sézane.

I absolutely love the Gaspard cardigan! I recommend opting for a size above your usual size if you want to wear it a bit loose. You can wear it frontward or backward with a white T-shirt or a shirt underneath. And then tuck it in your favorite high-waist pleated trousers.

4. Colette Marinière

sezane essentials colette mariniere
Photo: Sézane.

I absolutely love the Colette marinière with stripes marine/ecru! You can wear yours over the Max shirt or pair it with the Marino trousers. Add a chic pair of chunky loafers (have you seen these gorgeous new Amy loafers?) and throw over a classic beige trench coat.

5. Scott Trench Coat

sezane essentials scott trench coat
Photo: Sézane.

Sézane’s Scott trench coat is just iconic! It’s the perfect trans-seasonal outerwear piece. Style yours with a chic navy blue turtleneck, grey pleated wide-leg trousers, and biensûr a chic pair of loafers. Or, simply throw your a classic navy blue suit.

6. Conrad T-shirt

sezane essentials conrad t-shirt
Photo: Sézane.

I love Sézane’s Conrad t-shirts! I have several of them in my closet in black, white, camel, and grey. To style them properly, roll up the short sleeves a little bit and tuck them into your favorite high-waist denim or pleated trousers. Add a waist belt for a more feminine silhouette.

7. Michele Jacket

Photo: Sézane.

The Michele jacket is an absolute French wardrobe must-have! Simply wear yours with a basic T-shirt or an oversized shirt underneath. This jacket can be paired with the matching Marino trousers or basic denim. Add a pair of chunky loafers for a “masculin-féminin” look, and simply throw over your favorite trench coat.

8. Marino Trousers

Photo: Sézane.

I love these Marino trousers; they are so chic and comfortable to wear! Style yours with an oversized shirt and a pair of white sneakers (I love these new Léo sneakers) for a “chic-décontracté” look. Tuck in your favorite shirt just at the very front while leaving the back loose and untucked at the sides (it’s called the “French tuck”). Throw over a timeless beige trench coat.

9. Jacob Jumper

Photo: Sézane.

A nice turtleneck is one of the easiest and chicest items you can wear in the fall/winter season. One of my favorite turtlenecks is the Jacob jumper with its beautiful navy blue and gold buttons. Wear it under your favorite double-breasted suit jacket in navy (like the Michele jacket or this Sandro suit jacket), a pair of dark blue denim, and ankle boots (this season, I love these Carel Estime ankle boots).

10. James Coat

sezane essentials james coat
Photo: Sézane.

This coat is one of my favorite of the season! Très chic and versatile, the James coat can be thrown over any outfit, whether classic denim or pleated wide-leg trousers. Consider wearing an oversized striped shirt underneath of a navy blue turtleneck when it gets chillier. Add a pair of ankle boots or chunky loafers and voilà!

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