My name is Mathilde, I’m 27 years old and I’m a French beauty blogger currently living in central London. I’m the founder of Leonce Chenal,Β a French beauty blog where I share all my French beauty secrets, favorite French beauty products, and makeup tips.

In 2013, I was living in Prague for an Erasmus program. During this year, I had lots of free time and not too many friends. As I’ve always been passionate about food, skincare, and makeup, I decided to start writing the first article of my French beauty blog.

Leonce is my middle name that I have inherited from my grandmother and Chenal is the maiden name of my grandmother. I’ve chosen this name for my blog because first, it sounds very Frenchy but mainly because I wanted to pay tribute to my grandmother and my mother; these two amazing women who gave me the passion for skincare and beauty. I remember the time when I was a little girl when I used to try -and steal- secretly all their beauty products. I remember the time when I was a teenager and when they used to share all their French beauty secrets with me.

I grew up in the French Alps between Chamonix and Geneva, but I feel Parisian in my heart. After my studies, I worked for almost 4 years in Paris before moving to London where I live now. I love Paris, the culture, the beauty, the amazing food that the city has to offer. I know for sure that if one day I would have to come back to France, I will settle in Paris.

During several years and for many reasons I didn’t had the time to keep this blog up to date. Today, because I’m still passionate about beauty and because I miss my Parisian lifestyle and my French traditions, I want through this blog to share my love of Paris. I want to share with you my favorite Paris addresses on where to explore as well as my favorite French beauty choices, my cherished French beauty brand, and finally my French way of living that I’ve brought in London with me.

I hope you will find this blog as informative than entertaining, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or feedback.

Email: leoncechenalpro@gmail.com

Instagram: leoncechenal