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This French Girl-Approved Trench is the Perfect Mid-Season Coat

This French Girl-Approved Trench is the Perfect Mid-Season Coat

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Despite its English origins, with Burberry and Aquascutum both laying claim to the invention of this coat, the trench coat—affectionately known as “un trench” in French—has become a cornerstone of French fashion. This enduring piece, initially designed as an Army officer’s raincoat and submitted to the United Kingdom War Office by Burberry in 1901, transcends its military roots to embody timeless style and versatility. It’s fascinating how this garment, so quintessentially British in its inception, has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of French wardrobe-essentials.

Being French, my admiration for the trench coat is unwavering. It embodies classic elegance, effortlessly bridging the gap between seasons. Whether navigating the unpredictable spring showers with its water-resistant qualities or adding a layer of chic sophistication to autumn attire, the trench coat proves indispensable. On those all-too-common days when the closet feels empty, it serves as the ultimate savior. Pairing equally well with casual jeans and loafers or elevating a summer dress and heels, it instantly polishes any look. With a simple addition of sunglasses and a silk scarf, the transformation to effortless French chic is complete.

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The Perfect Trench Coat for the Mid-Season

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This season, I’ve fallen for the Randy maxi trench by Anine Bing. It’s not your typical trench coat; it’s modern and a bit edgy, stepping away from the classic double-breasted and belted look. Made from a lightweight, water-resistant cotton twill, it’s perfect for those unpredictable days between seasons. What I love most about it is its oversized fit and the distinctive touch of gold buttons. It also has practical features I appreciate, like large pockets and a hidden interior, making it stylish yet functional. The maxi length adds a contemporary flair that really stands out. For those who are petite and might find the maxi length too overwhelming, the brand offers this trench in a midi-length hemline, ensuring a perfect fit for all. Sézane’s Clyde trench coat also caught my eye for its similar vibe, offering another chic option for the mid-season.

Styling Your Trench Coat à la Parisienne

I’ve always loved the trench coat, a true staple of French fashion. It’s not just stylish; it’s practical and timeless. Here are a few tips on how to wear this essential piece the Parisian way.

look du jour trench coat parisian style
Collage: Les Collections Particulières by Leonce Chenal.
  1. Anine Bing Randy maxi trench
  2. Anine Bing Maxine shirt
  3. Agolde Criss Cross high-rise straight-leg jeans
  4. Le Tanneur Naya small leather shoulder bag
  5. Carel Estime red patent leather ankle boots (in black)

1. Prioritize Quality

My first piece of advice is to invest in quality. A well-crafted trench coat is a timeless addition to your wardrobe, capable of withstanding changing fashion trends. Examine the buttons, seams, and fabric closely—opting for a durable material ensures longevity. When in doubt, a classic heritage trench coat is a wise investment. The iconic beige or black, double-breasted, belted, and collared design remains unparalleled in its classic appeal and versatility.

2. Select a Timeless Color

Choosing a classic hue—beige, camel, khaki, or black—elevates the trench coat’s versatility, complementing many outfits. However, don’t shy away from exploring other timeless colors like navy, olive green, dusty red, or gray, which can add a subtle hint of personality to your ensemble.

3. Tailor the Length

The trench coat’s length should harmonize with your height to enhance your overall silhouette. While both short and long versions have their merits, a mid-length trench coat is recommended for those new to this style, offering a balanced and versatile look. If you’re petite, you may prefer a shorter length for a more proportionate fit, whereas if you’re taller, you can make a statement with a longer, oversized trench.

4. Style the Belt with a Twist

Forget fastening the belt in the traditional sense; instead, embrace a more relaxed styling by loosely tying it in front or at the back, allowing the buckle to dangle freely. This method not only cinches the waist for a flattering silhouette but also injects an effortless Parisian flair into your look. A casual roll of the sleeves, hands nonchalantly placed in the pockets, and voilà—you’ve mastered the art of Parisian chic.

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  • I have a very long trench coat purchased many years ago and was thinking it was not quite right as I’m only 5’3”. However I was encouraged to see you mention the longer length, so I’ll dig it out and try it again. Thank you.

    • Bonjour Clair, thank you very much for your comment! Yes, long (and short) trench coats are both very fashionable 🙂 Just tie it in front or behind with the buckle hanging loose. You can pair it with a white t-shirt, high waist jeans, and a pair of white sneakers, it’s the perfect uniform to wear this spring!

  • Leaving for Paris next week, mid September. I have a long Burberry vintage check trench and was wondering if it would look chic to wear in Paris, or too “out there”. Thanks!

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