This category serves as a comprehensive guide to embracing the French way of life. From the art of hosting a perfect French apéritif to the secrets behind the effortless elegance of French women, these articles delve into various facets of French culture and customs. Whether you’re interested in understanding the nuances of dating in France, seeking tips for a healthier and happier life à la française, or curious about the daily dietary choices of French women, this section offers invaluable insights. Immerse yourself in these carefully curated pieces to discover how you can incorporate the French joie de vivre into your own lifestyle.

How to Practice Self-Care à la Française

Explore French self-care secrets and learn how to enhance your routine.

french lifestyle
How to Live the French Lifestyle

Here are 15 tips to incorporate the French way of life into your daily life, regardless of where you live.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dating in France 

Read on to learn more about the French dating culture and how dating is different in France.

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How To Host The Perfect French Apéritif

A cultural ritual and a brilliant French custom you can adopt everywhere.

how to host a french dinner party
How To Host A French Dinner Party

The French take their food very seriously so it makes sense that they have specific customs around eating and hosting a dinner party. In French, we call it the “Art de recevoir à la Française”.

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How French Women Stay Slim

Read on to learn about the ten healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to how French women stay slim.

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What do French Women Eat in a Day

Read on to learn exactly what do French women eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, the ten rules to follow to eat like a French woman wherever you live.

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8 Best-Kept French Beauty Secrets From A Parisian

Obsessed with all things French? Here are the best French beauty secrets of all time,…

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How To Eat Like A French Woman Wherever You Are

Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about the French diet. I’ve listed below…