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7 Luxury Bags Inspired by Jane Birkin’s Iconic Wicker Basket

7 Luxury Bags Inspired by Jane Birkin’s Iconic Wicker Basket

jane birkin basket bags

Indulge your inner Jane Birkin with these luxury wicker basket bags. Most of us are acquainted with the legendary Hermès Birkin bag, named after the fashion icône Jane Birkin. However, it was just a humble basket bag from a small Portuguese fishing village that initiated the fashion saga that endures even today.

No accessory defines Jane Birkin’s effortless style more than the iconic wicker basket that now bears her name: the “Birkin Basket Bag.” In the 60s and 70s, she used to carry with her everywhere, whether at chic soirées in Paris, at the market, at the airport, or by the beach on the French Riviera. The French-British model turned this simple bag into an emblem of French bohemian fashion (“bohème-chic”) and demonstrated its versatility by wearing it in any season or event.

jane birkin wicker basket bags
Chanel Fall Winter 2023 Couture Show. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Over the years, this accessory quickly became a timeless French fashion staple and a real must-have of the summer. Today, some brands stock similar baskets, like Bonjour Coco (who sell small batches of the genuine article, sourced from the small Portuguese fishing village where Birkin first found her own) and the Dutch label The Bangs Vintage. Also, luxury brands have reinterpreted this cult accessory adding vintage, bucolic accents and playing with different sizes, styles, and materials. I’ve rounded up seven of the best luxury basket bags just right below. It is safe to say that this bag will never go out of style ;).

7 Luxury Birkin Basket Bags To Shop Now

birkin wicker basket bags

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  1. Celine Basket in Wicker and Calfskintan
  2. Delvaux Pin Mini Bucket Osier in Wicker
  3. Polène Yké Edition Textured Tan

How to style it?

The Birkin Basket Bag is the perfect bag for any occasion in spring-summer (except for the office), whether for a brunch date, shopping at the farmer’s market, an apéro in town, or even a chic soirée.

Parisian wearing a Birkin basket bag
Paris Couture Show Fall 2023 Street Style. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

To create that effortless-chic look Parisians are renowned for, combine your favorite basket bag that features romantic, feminine, and casual accents with more sophisticated and masculine pieces. Think oversized shirts, blazers, trench coats, wide-leg linen or silk pants, straight-leg denim, or suede loafers. You’ll get that smart, “masculin-féminin” look. Et voilà!

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