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5 Chic Ways Parisians Wear Red

5 Chic Ways Parisians Wear Red

how Parisians wear red

As we step into 2024, one color stands out in the fashion landscape: red. With its multitude of tones, ranging from the vibrant cherry red to the deep burgundy and the classic Rouge H, to the muted old burgundy, red is the shade du jour. This color, timeless in its appeal, has a unique ability to flatter all skin tones, making it a perennial favorite. It’s also surprisingly wearable, despite common misconceptions. While minimalists and introverts might view fiery red as a bold choice, the reality is that this versatile color offers far more styling options than one might initially think. Yes, a head-to-toe red ensemble makes a definitive statement, but integrating this powerful hue with neutral pieces can be just as striking and visually arresting.

So, how do chic Parisians weave this power palette into their everyday look? In today’s article, we will dive into Paris street style scene to discover five chic ways they’re using this vibrant color in their wardrobes.

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1. A Red Cashmere Sweater + Camel Coat

a woman wearing a red sweater with camel coat at Paris Fashion Week Street Style FW23
Paris Fashion Week Street Style FW23. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

One particularly chic way Parisians embrace red is by balancing this bold color with classic neutrals. A great example is pairing a red cashmere sweater —I personally adore this Max Mara wool and cashmere-blend sweater— with dark brown pants. The ensemble is then elevated with a long wool coat in neutral hues like this Totême two-tone wool and cashmere-blend coat in beige and camel, which perfectly complements the vibrant red. This combination of red, brown, and camel creates a stylish and balanced outfit that’s quintessentially Parisian.

2. A Red Accent Bag

a woman wearing a red Hermès Kelly bag at Paris Fashion Week Street Style FW23
Paris Fashion Week Street Style FW23. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

For those looking to gently infuse more color into their wardrobe, a red accent bag offers the perfect solution. Handbags are an incredibly seamless way to embrace color trends in everyday attire without the commitment of a full, colorful outfit. Opting for a bright red or deep burgundy handbag —I love this A.P.C. Ashley debossed-logo leather bag in wine red— can instantly elevate your look. These shades of red can also bring a delightful pop of brightness to cold-weather outfits. Such handbags pair particularly well with winter coats in charcoal gray, navy blue, black, or camel.

3. Red Tights

a woman wearing red tights at Paris Fashion Week street style FW23
Paris Fashion Week Street Style FW23. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Who says staying warm in fall and winter has to be boring? Add a fun twist to your outfits with red tights! They work wonderfully when paired with a classic little black dress or a chic black mini-skirt, instantly elevating the ensemble with a burst of vibrancy. To complete the look, I love to pair these red tights with a pair of black Mary Janes or loafers —my favorites are these Tod’s Gomma Pesante glossed-leather loafers. This combination is simple yet très chic, proving that you can be warm and stylish with just a splash of color.

4. A Red Leather Coat

a woman wearing red leather coat at Paris Fashion Week street style SS24
Paris Fashion Week Street Style SS24. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Red, with its sartorial dominance, can be a challenging hue to balance in an outfit. Rather than pairing it with classic dark tones, which often intensify its boldness, exploring the deeper shades within the red spectrum can be more harmonious. Take burgundy, for instance. Its rich depth pairs beautifully with more vivacious shades of red, creating a sophisticated blend of colors. A perfect example of this is Yves Salomon’s belted shearling-trimmed leather coat. Its refined design and texture will bring a sophisticated feel to any ensemble.

5. Red Patent Leather Shoes

a woman wearing a pair of red patent leather shoes at Paris Fashion Week street style SS23
Paris Fashion Week Street Style SS23. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Introducing a pop of color to an outfit is a brilliant strategy for elevating any look, particularly for those who typically embrace a minimalist, neutral palette. Red footwear can be a game-changer in this respect, offering just the right amount of color. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who loves the idea of a vivid statement but isn’t quite ready for bold pieces like a bright coat or sweater. Options like red patent leather boots (like these Carel Paris Estime leather boots), Mary Janes (I adore these Carel Paris Kina patent-leather pumps), ballet flats, or even chunky loafers in burgundy (like these Sézane Albane loafers), can be surprisingly easy to mix with your existing wardrobe.

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