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The 5 French Coat Styles For Fall And Winter

The 5 French Coat Styles For Fall And Winter

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Here are the best fall/winter coats to wear this season to get French girl style. Whether they are essential for a season or beyond, these 5 French-style coats and jackets outline a new autumn/winter wardrobe – sometimes composed of timeless looks, sometimes modeled on the styles of the moment.

It all started with me organizing and purging my closet, something that I always do each time I’m moving into a new home. I donated several coats and jackets that I had been holding onto for years and that I didn’t even wear. The good thing is when you purge everything you don’t wear, this is the perfect moment to take a pause and really think about what is missing from your autumn wardrobe before you start adding to it. So, that led me to re-think my style and to curate French-style coats and jackets for fall and winter.

As you might already know, French women don’t own as many items of clothing as their American counterparts. And French girls’ coats collection is decidedly more pared down. Instead, French women seek quality, timeless and versatile coats that are both elegant and comfortable to wear during the coldest months. French women always emphasize quality rather than quantity. They always buy the highest quality they can afford (materials like wool, cashmere) and that will last for a very long time.

The 5 Best Fall/Winter Coats To Get French Girl Style

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of French coat styles that are essential to a French look this autumn/winter. This five-piece French-girl coat collection definitely contributes to the effortlessly chic aesthetic —that je ne sais quoi. Here, from a classic trench to a faux-fur jacket, five French stylish coats to celebrate a new season.

1. The Classic Trench Coat

What’s the one item you’ll find in every French woman’s wardrobe? A tan trench coat, of course! Perfect for the unpredictable Parisian weather. This wardrobe classic is definitely a staple of all stylish Parisiennes. And trench coats are more than transitional heroes: they’ll see you through almost every situation, in any season. It’s the perfect coat for this transitional autumn period between light jackets to heavy-duty coats and perfect for those rainy days ahead. A high-quality trench coat will keep you warm all seasons and will add chic to any of your outfits. Opt for a beige, navy blue, or light grey color and this season the longer the more fashionable.

© Leia Sfez

2. The Belted Wool Coat

The classic wool coat is definitely a staple of all stylish French women. Indeed, for winter, their coat of choice is a classic black, navy blue, or beige wool overcoat. Whether single or double-breasted, long or short, it’s always a classic. And if there is one item in your wardrobe I’d recommend spending a little more for a high-quality coat, it’s definitely this one. Indeed, if you purchase a coat with high wool content, it will not only be more elegant looking but it will last longer. And French women know the best winter coats provide the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. I love this one from Mango which I added on my wishlist. Below are some of my favorites to get you inspired!

© Emanuelle Alt

3. The Wool Blazer

The wool blazer is an essential piece of the French fall/winter wardrobe. It instantly gives chic and elegance to any outfit and it can be worn for a day or night outfit depending on the accessorization. A well-cut wool blazer will never go out of style and will become one of the most versatile and most important pieces in your wardrobe. Try to buy the best quality you can afford, go for wool or a wool-blend over polyester, if possible. Finally, prefer a wool blazer that is slightly oversized and longer-lined and preferably in a classic style as it will last you for years and years.

© Marissa Cox

4. The Faux-Fur Coat

For French women, the easiest way to stay chic and warm in the winter is definitely wearing a faux-fur coat! Prefer classic shades like black, navy blue, brown, or dark red. Personally, I’ll recommend avoiding leopard print which, I think, is not very classy. Regarding the shape, prefer short or medium-length faux-fur coats and avoid the long ones. My favorite faux-fur coat is a navy blue one from Sezane (only sold during winter months). I really think it’s the best coat to wear during the coldest months of winter. Check out my favorite faux fur coats to wear all winter, below.

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© Sezane

5. The Puffer Jacket

If you were wondering if Parisians wear puffer coats, the answer is yes, definitely! I’ve seen many French women in the streets of Paris wearing a short puffer jacket during the coldest months. Personally, I wear this one from Moncler, usually in January/February when it’s really cold in Paris, or when I’m going to ski. It’s my go-to piece of clothing that combined style and comfort in winter. To look chic with a puffer jacket, prefer to buy a short one that is well fitted and with a belt to enhance your silhouette. Avoid long and oversized puffer jackets or eye-catching vintage varieties. Check out my favorite puffer jackets to wear all winter, below.

© Sabina Socol

And you, which style of coats do you wear in autumn/winter? Which one of those French coat styles is your favorite? Please add your comment below.

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