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How to Re-Create Emmanuelle Alt’s Chic Parisian Style

How to Re-Create Emmanuelle Alt’s Chic Parisian Style

emmanuelle alt style

I have always loved and admired Emmanuelle Alt’s style. With her simple, chic, clean, and comfortable ensembles, she perfectly embodies Parisian chic. That’s why, in today’s article, I thought it would be interesting to analyze Alt’s signature style and provide you with a few tips to re-create her timeless looks in your own way.

Who is Emmanuelle Alt

emmanuelle alt style
At Paris fashion week spring/summer 2019, source: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Emmanuelle Alt @emmanuellealt (born 18 May 1967) is a French fashion editor who was appointed editor of Vogue France in 2011, promoted from her role as fashion director, succeeding Carine Roitfeld. Before her time at Vogue France, Alt had a long and storied career in fashion media. She began her trajectory with a role at French ELLE in 1984 when she was just 17 years old. She also held different fashion roles at 20ans and Mixte magazines.

According to BOF, her love for fashion started at age 19, when she attended a Jean-Paul Gaultier show with her mother, a model for Nina Ricci and Lanvin in the 60s and 70s and her greatest inspiration.

Emmanuelle Alt’s Signature Style

emmanuelle alt style
At Milano fashion week spring/summer 2020, source: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Alt has a very recognizable uniform. Think straight-leg pants (and many jeans), oversized button-down shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, or blazers. During the colder months, she’ll opt for a puffy jacket or wool peacoat; when it comes to shoes, she’ll often wear ankle boots and kitten heels. While in summer, she’ll opt for wide-leg trousers, loose-fitting button-down shirts, and flat strappy sandals.

emmanuelle alt style
At Paris Haute Couture spring/summer 2020, source: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Alt knows perfectly how to mix designer pieces with items from more affordable brands to create timeless yet non-boring looks. In an interview for Vogue in 2011, she said: “I like vintage. Balmain. Givenchy. Chanel. I love jeans. I wear a lot of jeans. I have that French-girl thing of always wanting to wear a cashmere sweater with a pair of jeans. Mine are J Brand, Acne—and I like Topshop. I don’t want them to be “designed.” Jeans should be jeans.”

emmanuelle alt style
At Paris fashion week spring/summer 2021, source: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

With her clean, minimalist, and refined ensembles, Emmanuelle Alt’s style, in many ways, perfectly embodies pared-back Parisian chic. There isn’t anything fussy about what she wears. “[…] it’s better to feel like you’ve kept things simple. There is nothing worse than looking like you’ve gone all out,” Alt tells Garance Doré.

Alt doesn’t try to be fashionable or follow trends. But instead, she’s wearing what makes her feel good and comfortable. When Garance Doré asks her, “What is style?” Alt answers: “Today, you don’t really need to follow fashion trends or a certain brand. Style is…when you look at style icons, whether Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot, their style was nothing special at all… a sailor shirt, jeans, or a white t-shirt. So I think style is harmony. It’s a lot of self-confidence, too, I think. And knowing yourself.”

emmanuelle alt style
At Milano fashion week spring/summer 2016, source: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

According to The Cut, around 2008, Alt stopped wearing skirts and dresses entirely, instead adopting a uniform of fitted pants, button-down shirts, and blazers. “[…] for me, feminity isn’t tied to wearing dresses and skirts. I think you can be feminine by wearing pants. […] It was spontaneous, I stopped wearing skirts, and that was that.” Alt tells Garance.

Emmanuelle Alt’s Chic Parisian Wardrobe

Even if silhouettes, colors, and fabrics vary between seasons, Alt’s wardrobe revolves around a few staples that can work in many outfit options. Basics in neutral shades (black, navy blue, grey, and white) that, for the majority, you might already have in your closet ;).

emmanuelle alt style
At Paris fashion week fall/winter 2019, source: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

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There are a few brands Emmanuelle Alt seems to favor, like Isabel Marant, Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain, Topshop, Saint Laurent, A.P.C., and Acne Studios. For more options, see also brands like ba&sh and Marant Étoile. Keep scrolling below to see wardrobe staples of Emmanuelle Alt’s style, and shop the pieces for yourself.

Jeans & Pants

Jeans are the foundation of Alt’s looks. “I couldn’t live without my ‘Butler’ jeans by A.P.C.,” says Alt in Vogue UK, 2020. Her jeans collection comprises deep blue, black, white, and dark grey denim. Regarding pants, think well-tailored, cargo, or wide-leg pants.



Jackets & Coats

Whether it’s a cocoon shape coat, puffer jacket, denim jacket and shearling coat, Alt generally wear oversized coats and jackets with a waist belt.


Hats & Belts

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