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5 French Style Boots to Wear All Season Long

5 French Style Boots to Wear All Season Long

As temperatures dip and leaves adopt their autumnal hues, it’s time to pivot your attention toward one of the most crucial aspects of any French wardrobe: boots. Yet, not just any boots—this guide will delve into the five quintessential French styles that encapsulate the perfect blend of chic and comfort. From the timeless allure of block-heel ankle boots and the equestrian sophistication inspired by Hermès to the versatile charm of flat-low boots, the elegance of suede boots, and the coziness of shearling boots—these five French-style boots are not just seasonal fads but enduring classics. Continue reading to discover why each of these styles deserves a spot in your wardrobe and elevate your fall and winter ensembles to the epitome of French chic.

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1. The Block-Heel Ankle Boots

There is no safer footwear option than the classic ankle boots or “bottines à talon carrés” in French. Not only are they the ideal pair of shoes for almost any time of the year, but those stylish shoes can suit many looks and can easily be dressed up or down. Whether styled with tapered or straight-leg jeans, pleated tailored pants, or a knit dress, ankle boots add sophistication to any outfit.

To add a touch of sophistication to your autumn ensembles, consider opting for ankle boots with patent finishes like these Sézane Axelle ankle boots. I have a coup de coeur for these Carel Estime blue stretch and white patent leather ankle boots. I also have these gorgeous Carel Estime navy blue leather and white patent ankle boots on my wishlist.

2. The Equestrian Style Boots

The equestrian boot, inspired by Hermès’ iconic Jumping shorter boot, has emerged as a noteworthy trend this fall and winter season. The equestrian style is particularly well-suited for the colder months due to its refined yet sturdy construction. The tall, streamlined design not only offers additional warmth but also seamlessly blends with a variety of autumnal and wintery fabrics such as tweed, wool, and cashmere.

This season, I absolutely adore crafted in the label’s Italian atelier from butter-soft leather. at a more affordable price, but they quickly sold out. For a très chic Parisian look, consider pairing your favorite equestrian-style boots with and an . Add a long elegant overcoat like this sublime made from a blend of wool and cashmere or a trench coat like this gorgeous for a chic-décontracté look.

3. The Comfy Flat Low Boots

The flat-low boot, with its flat-ankle profile, serves as a perfect alternative to the trusty loafer during the winter season. Its low heel and supportive sole make it a comfortable option for daily wear, while its streamlined silhouette lends a touch of sophistication that easily complements a myriad of cold-weather outfits. Being French, flat-low boots are one of my favorite shoe options for the winter season. I have these très chic Chloé Marcie embellished leather ankle boots on my wishlist. I love these Chloé Susanna studded leather ankle boots as well, which work well with wider pants or jeans that are slightly cropped. If you’re looking for a more classic pair of flat-low boots, consider opting for these Sézane Léna Low Boots.

4. The Chic Suede Boots

Suede boots, epitomized by iconic models like the , occupy a special place in the French fashion landscape, especially during the fall season. Suede as a material offers a tactile richness and visual depth that other leathers cannot easily replicate. It adds a touch of “bohème-chic” to any ensemble, encapsulating a quintessentially French nonchalance.

Moreover, their versatility allows for effortless pairing with various fall staples such as knit dresses (have you seen this gorgeous ?), cropped jeans, or skirts. This season, consider opting for over-the-knee silhouettes (like these Gianvito Rossi boots handmade in Italy from soft beige suede), or for more classic styles, see these beautiful Sézane Gabrielle Low Boots in color stone.

5. The Cozy Shearling Boots

As someone who appreciates French style, I find shearling boots to be an invaluable addition to my winter wardrobe, especially when the weather turns particularly harsh. These boots are not just functional; they are also a more sophisticated alternative to the commonly seen Moon Boots. I usually opt for shearling boots when the city is covered in snow or when temperatures plummet below freezing. The genuine shearling lining offers unparalleled warmth and comfort, making them ideal for such conditions. For me, these boots embody a perfect marriage of practicality and elegance, ensuring that even in the harshest winter weather, one does not have to compromise on style.

If you’re a fan of combat boots, I would highly recommend these and these . If you’re looking for a more classic style, consider opting for these .

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    • Bonjour Sheri! Merci for your comment! Yes, indeed black tights are in style, French women generally avoid skin-toned tights 🙂 xo

      • I spent years trying to match the perfect skin-toned tights and my life has become so much easier since adopting the French black tights rule. Though there are many shades and textures of black…….:)

  • Great to know that black tights are ‘in fashion’ – due to 12 operations – my legs have a lot of scars – so I can be ‘In Fashion’ and wear dresses and skirts ……Yeahhhhh

  • Hi Leonce,
    Love your site! My daughter and I are heading to Paris – Spain – Portugal – Switzerland in Nov / Dec 2022. We are from Queensland, Australia so are preparing for a fairly extreme temp change. As we will be travelling quite a bit by train and bus we have opted to do carry on only. So we are thinking carefully about our packing list.

    In terms of shoes, my daughter has her platform Doc Martens and I have some leather boots but will we need snow boots? We have some thermal socks etc. I really don’t want to take a chance on being uncomfortably cold, but also don’t want to have to carry boots through Portugal (2 weeks) if not essential.

    Also, we are planning to go to the Moulin Rouge, so excited about this. Can we get away with jeans / black pants and a nice knit?

    Thanks so much, Lee

    • Bonjour Lee, thank you very much for your comment! In Paris, snow is exceptional in winter, and as temperatures are generally not negative if it snows, it never lasts very long. So I don’t think you will need snow boots for Paris but maybe for Switzerland?
      In Nov / Dec in Paris, temperatures are around 8°/4°C so you’ll need a good wool coat to go to the Moulin Rouge 🙂

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