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The 10 Best Clarins Products to Add to Your Routine

The 10 Best Clarins Products to Add to Your Routine

best clarins products

Here are the best Clarins products that deserve a spot in your beauty routine! In today’s article, I will discuss Clarins, an iconic French luxury skincare brand. From the cult-favorite to the iconic and inimitable , there isn’t any skincare that Clarins has not perfected.

Clarins has a wide range of products made with pure plant-based extracts catering to all skin types and all ages. Products’ textures are luxurious, and fragrances are just delicious! So whether you’re new to the brand or looking for a few skincare products to add to your beauty routine, here are the ten best Clarins products you need to try!

About Clarins

Clarins’s story started in 1954 when chiropractor Jacques Courtin set up his first spa in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. He focused on massages with essential oils that helped to firm the skin and boost circulation.

Later, he started to sell his very first plant-based treatment oils that would go on to achieve iconic status. Courtin named his beauty line Clarins after a character he remembered from a school theater production. In the late 1970s, the company was so successful that Courtin affixed “Clarins” to his surname.

Today, according to Forbes, Clarins is still owned 100% by the same family: the Courtin-Clarins brothers and their families, having spent $3.6 billion taking it private in 2008. And the brand is now widely known as one of the best brands that produce highly effective, safe, and naturally-obtained products for the skin —Clarins uses over 250 natural plant extracts in its formulas.

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The 10 Most Iconic Clarins Products

To guide you in your shopping, I’ve compiled a list of the best, cult-favorite Clarins products that definitely worth trying.

1. Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance

This is one of Clarins’ most iconic products! The combines the aroma and skincare benefits of concentrated plant extracts to hydrate, revitalize, and perfume skin.

This treatment fragrance is formulated with aromatic essential oils of citrus fruit, Patchouli, Bitter Orange, Rosemary, and White Thyme. Its non-photosensitizing formula makes it suitable for all skin types and even the most sensitive.

2. Double Serum

is Clarins’ n°1 bestselling anti-aging serum. Formulated with 21 potent plant extracts—including age-defying Turmeric— this iconic two-phase formula easily absorbs into the skin and effectively targets all visible signs of skin aging.

3. Beauty Flash Balm

is Clarins’ iconic, multi-tasking 3-in-1 day cream, express face mask, and makeup primer. Formulated with 96% ingredients of natural origin, this lightweight, plant-based cream smooths, brightens and eliminates signs of fatigue.

I love this product! I like to use it as a primer before my foundation (I use the ) for flawless makeup application. Or I use the Beauty Flash Balm as a day cream when my skin is dull.

4. Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream

This is one of my favorite exfoliators! The is a creamy exfoliating peel without microbeads that gently smoothes away impurities and dead surface cells with Natural Clay.

It’s the ideal face exfoliator for all skin types —even the most sensitive as this clay-based cream gently polishes away dead, dull cells without irritating skin. It leaves my skin looking clean and fresh without any irritations.

5. Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

is an amazing hydrating face treatment oil. It is formulated with 100% plant extracts and an aromatic blend of essential oils—including Blue Orchid and Patchouli— which helps revitalize dehydrated skin. It’s the ideal treatment to minimize the appearance of fine lines and restore radiance to the skin.

I love Clarins Face Treatment Oils! Clarins has a Face Treatment Oil for every skin type and concern: dry, dehydrated, or combination. I bought the , a natural astringent for oily or combination skin (like mine). And after several uses, I can see the difference: my skin is less oily and softer, and my pores are tighter. I highly recommend this product!

6. Total Cleansing Oil

is one of the best (if not the best) cleansing oil I’ve tried! Total Cleansing Oil is a lightweight oil cleanser that dissolves heavy, long-wearing, and waterproof makeup and pollutants. It leaves the skin soft, clean, and comfortable. It’s the ideal makeup remover for all skin types and safe for use on the eyes, face, and lips.

7. Body Shaping Cream

is a body care cream that targets stubborn fat on the waist, abdomen, hips, arms, and knees. It is formulated with Poppy and organic Quince plant extracts to firm and define while hydrating the skin. The texture is ideal for massage.

8. Total Eye Lift

is one of Clarins’ best-sellers products! It’s an anti-aging eye cream that targets wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness for an immediate, visible lifting and wrinkle-smoothing effect. One of the best eye creams on the market, this gentle cream is suitable for all ages and all skin types.

9. Multi-Active Day Cream

One of the best moisturizers I’ve tried visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines. This is the ideal day cream for those in your 30s like me! I bought the Multi-Active Day Cream SPF 20 – all skin types, perfect for those with combination skin like mine.

What I like about Clarins is that they create well-formulated anti-aging creams that target skin concerns for each age range. If you’re in your 40s, look for the Extra-Firming collection. For the 50s, look for the collection and the 60s+ Nutri-Lumière collection.

10. Tonic Body Treatment Oil

Tonic Body Treatment Oil is a firming body treatment oil formulated with 100% plant extracts and a blend of essential oils to visibly firm, tone, and target stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight loss. It’s been the go-to formula for pregnant women since 1965!

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  • Love Clarins and the best daily facial practice is to start with their Ecran Multi-Protection spf50 sunscreen. Light weight primer that is essential imo for wrinkle retarding.

  • I am 56 and recently completely switched to Clarins and I have never looked back – thanks for the post breaking down all the products available!

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