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How To Wear Sneakers Like A Stylish French Woman

How To Wear Sneakers Like A Stylish French Woman

wear sneakers like french women

If you were wondering if French women wear sneakers in Paris, the answer is: yes definitely! If you already went to Paris you might have seen that uncomfortable high heels are not very “French”. And hardly any French girl decides to choose high heels for the whole day. In Paris, it’s far more common to see Parisian girls wearing flat shoes such as ballet flats, slippers, loafers, and sneakers.

Indeed, since Paris is a city where the locals walk everywhere, outfits always strike a balance of stylish and cool with comfortable and stylish. And sneakers are probably the most stylish and comfortable shoes to wear in Paris. It’s impossible to not see several pairs of white sneakers topping off chic outfits in the street of Paris. Sneakers no longer carry the casual, lazy day stigma they did in the past. Now, a simple pair of white sneakers can look stylish whatever your look.

So, if you want to wear your sneakers like a stylish French woman, here are the ten sneakers French girls swear by, plus four ways to wear them the French way.

The 10 Chic Sneakers French Girls Swear By

French women are used to wearing a very particular type of sneakers. To complement dress-down pants and make their outfits look smarter, French women opt for white sneakers that make their feet look thin, small, and classy. Indeed, sneakers most commonly seen on women’s feet in Paris are white, small, thin-looking, flat-sole, and (sometimes) designer sneakers.

On the contrary, French women avoid any type of sneakers that are too wide, cushy, of comfy-looking such as chunky “dad” sneakers, running shoes, or multi-color sneakers. As for the color, French women will always opt for a white, light beige or light grey as anything that is too colorful is considered garish. Basically, French women wear discreet-looking and versatile city shoes that can go with any type of outfit. Check out below my selection of the best white sneakers to get that French-girl look.

  1. Veja Espalar Sneakers
  2. Sezane Jack Sneakers
  3. Thousand Fell Vegan Leather Lace-Up Sneakers
  4. Madewell Women’s Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers in Leather
  5. Superga Cotu Sneakers
  6. Gucci New Ace Leather Sneakers
  7. Addidas Stan Smith Lace-Up Sneakers
  8. Everlane The Court Sneaker
  9. Saint Laurent Andy Leather Sneakers
  10. Madewell Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers in Iridescent Leather

So if you do not have a pair of white sneakers in your closet yet, you definitely need one! You can choose the classic Stan Smiths, which were a real trend in the streets of Paris a few years ago. Now Veja’s sneakers are super popular in France and in the streets of Paris. Just opt for a pair of minimal plain white sneakers that continue to be a staple of Parisian style. And because white gets dirty very fast, make sure to have your white sneakers always clean and bright.

4 Ways To Wear Sneakers Like A Stylish French Woman

As a French woman living in Paris, I wear sneakers almost every day. I have three different pairs and I never wear them with hoodies or sweatpants. I usually pair them with a pair of high waist jeans, a white tee, and a blazer. It’s becoming the French girl’s uniform in Paris. I think it’s the perfect outfit for any kind of occasion and even the more formal ones, as high heels are an impossible choice in the cobblestone streets of Paris.

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And there are so many ways you can wear your favorite sneakers! French women usually wear their very chic white sneakers with neutral colors (beige, white, grey). In this article, I’ve listed four different ways you can dress comfortably and elegantly by combining elegant outfits with casual shoes. The French secret to dressing chic while wearing sneakers is to create an outfit that doesn’t look too sporty. So, keep scrolling to know the four ways to wear your favorite sneakers like a stylish and chic French woman.

1. Sneakers With A Blazer

© Alexa Chung

2. Sneakers With A Jean And Tee

© Claire Most

3. Sneakers With A Dress

© Reformation

4. Sneakers With A Suit

© Geraldine Saglio

And you, do you wear sneakers often? Which are your favorite sneakers? How do you wear them? Please add your comment below.

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  • I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say the sneakers should be small and flat. One has to buy the size they wear for them to fit. Maybe American women have larger feet than French women. I am enjoying reading your posts.

    • Thank you Sherry for your question/feedback <3 There are several types of sneakers out there and some of them can be very wide/large, cushy, of comfy-looking such as chunky “dad” sneakers for example. Whereas other sneakers can make your feet look thin (because they are well-fitted shoes and not too wide/large). Of course, you need to choose the size that fits you. I'm not talking about the length but more about the shoes' width. I hope that helps 🙂

  • This is the second post I’ve read from you thus far. I am enjoying! Though I am not French, nor have I ever been to Paris, I love the chic and “effortless” style. I am in the midst of reinventing my wardrobe, (adding pieces with more intention), as well as my style. I’ve never really paid attention to my own style (or lack thereof), and find these types of guides so informative. I know what I like when I see it, and I see that I continually gravitate towards Parisian flair.

  • Just bought my first pair of white sneakers following your advice and really looking forward to wearing them this Spring. As someone who has never had a confident dress sense, I’m finding your advice really helpful and encouraging, so glad I found you, thank you.

  • I also like wearing white sneakers. I have some skechers that look like the gucci stripe design with a gold heel patch. At the moment I like them with belted Levis 501 vintage blue jeans rolled up a little and a white v neck t-shirt . But they go with denim shorts or a mini skirt too. I am enjoying your blog, especially since the world is ‘closed down’ and the Paris I sampled in 2018 is not available to me right now. In New Zealand we are somewhat limited with shopping but more and more sites are allowing shoppers from here.

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