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10 Chic French Hairstyles To Ask Your Stylist

10 Chic French Hairstyles To Ask Your Stylist

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Here are the chicest French hairstyles that Parisians always ask their stylists. When it comes to French-girl hair, the philosophy remains consistent: the less you do, the better. For French women, hair tends to be natural, and a little bit undone and messy. French women always lead the way when it comes to chic, simple hairstyles that look like they haven’t taken any time at all. And they always prefer to embrace their natural hair texture for natural-looking and chic hairstyles.

In order to achieve that nonchalant French-girl hair, there are certain signature haircuts and hairstyles that French women are utterly devoted to. From short bobs to blunt fringes to lobs, here is a full rundown on what types of hair cuts you should be asking your stylist. Some of them are very easy to maintain and ask less hair salon visits. Whereas others continue to make statements: fringes of all varieties, bob, long bob, and lengths.

In this article, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite French hairstyles; easy, chic, and super laid-back that the French have nailed so effortlessly. Also, if you want to learn more about the way French women style and care for their hair, you can read my previous article on how to get French girl hair.

10 Chic French Hairstyles Parisians Swear By

One Lenght & Fringe

This hairstyle is inspired by ’60s Jane Birkin and it continues to be seen all over the streets of Paris. French women love this hairstyle because it looks effortless yet still sophisticated. With this hairstyle, you can either opt for a center-parted fringe (“curtain bangs”) like Leia or a “Birkin bangs” like Caroline. The Birkin bangs hit just above the lashes, so it requires quite a bit of maintenance, but the end result is worth it. Personally, I do think long hair is back. I am growing my hair out for the first time in years.

Classic Bob

The bob cut, also known as a bob is still very popular in France and continues to be seen all over the streets of Paris. This cut is a short to a medium-length haircut, in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw level. It can be with a fringe (or “bangs”) at the front or without. I do love the side part bob haircut of Tiffany, it’s one of my favorite hairstyles that I had for many years.

Lob & Wispy Bangs

A lob is a long bob and the length is between long hair and a bob cut. The lob is cut just above the shoulders, at shoulder level, or just below. And this haircut is been really popular in Paris for a while now! It’s one of those haircuts that suit most women and is easy to style and maintain. Jeanne Damas rocks a messy lob with wispy bangs. It looks quite effortless and cool. This French hairstyle is all about natural-looking volume. So just skip the curling iron and use a texturizing spray instead like the Christophe Robin Instant Volumising Mist

Short Undone Bob (French Bob)

A French bob is a form of a cropped bob that’s cut at chin-length and paired with bangs sitting at the brow line. This French haircut has been modernized by a blunt cut, heavy texture, and beachy wavy hair. And there are plenty of variations of the cut that you can choose to suit your face shape. Also, this French hairstyle works with so many types of hair, and it’s super easy to style and upkeep. You can have also a short bang to give this cut a youthful look. As a French woman, I use to have this hairstyle as a child and I still love it very much.

Messy Curls

French women don’t like to look that they’ve spent too much time on their hair. And this hairstyle exudes perfectly the typical French style. As we mentioned earlier, the French are advocates of embracing their hair texture. You can recreate this hairstyle on naturally curly or wavy hair by allowing your hair to air-dry after washing. Also to get this easy texture, effortless waves with no major definition I’ll recommend using hair products specifically designed for curly hair. Try washing your hair with a volume shampoo like the Leonor Greyl Restructuring Shampoo. And you can style your curls with the Christophe Robin Regenerating Serum or the Éclat Naturel Styling Cream.

Center-Parted Collarbone Cut

This timeless French cut is in between a long and short hair length and features soft, textured layers, exuding a nonchalant French-girl look. The collarbone cut is the ultimate style for those not wanting to go too short this season as this haircut stops at the clavicles. For French style, stick with blunt ends and a few layers if you require more volume. And it can be easily styled with dry shampoo to give volume quite naturally without looking like you’ve spent too much time on it. My favorite dry shampoo is the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk.

Curly Bob

The curly bob is a type of bob haircut for women with naturally curly hair or who add curls to their straight hair. Curly bob hairstyles are feminine, playful, and easy to style. And you can make most types of bobs work with curly hair. The key is to give it the right shape for natural curls. The types of bobs include inverted, angled, A-line, stacked, graduated, and more. You can recreate Léna’s naturally curly hair by using a nourishing shampoo like the Rene Furterer Karinga Ultra Hydrating Shampoo. And a styling cream for curly hair like the Christophe Robin Luscious Curl Cream with Flaxseed Oil.

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Long, Blond & Layered Bangs

This hairstyle is inspired by ’70s Brigitte Bardot and it continues to be seen all over the streets of Paris. I do love this Bardot-inspired hairstyle with long blond hair and layered bangs. This type of hairstyle is a good option for anyone a little scared of bangs. Layered bangs blend into your hair and have tons of different lengths, which means you can style them however you want. Indeed, you can part them down the middle, have them lay straight, or throw them to the side. To keep their blond very bright and reduce brassiness, French women use, at least once a week, a purple shampoo like the Kérastase Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Shampoo. The Christophe Robin Baby Blond Mask is also amazing to remove yellow tones, revive highlights, and nourish the hair.

Natural Hair

A lot of women with thick natural hair, opt for wearing voluminous it down. This hairstyle continues to be seen all over the streets of Paris. And this is so beautiful! Remember French women embrace their natural hair texture for natural-looking and chic hairstyles. To rock this look, use nourishing hair masks like the Klorane Mask with Mango Butter or the 3-in-1 Mask with Organic Cupuaçu Butter. Also to style your hair you can use the Huile de Leonor Greyl.

Sleek Long Lob

A long lob is a lob that is cut below the clavicles. And it is one of the more popular hairstyles because it flatters most face shapes. It’s also the perfect hairstyle for those who have naturally straight hair. This long lob is very easy to style as well! After cutting your hair, ask your stylist to air-dry, then scrunch for a bit of texture. This hairstyle should never look overdone but should feel extremely natural.

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  • Thank you for another great read. I’ve always enjoyed the French emphasis on leaving your hair natural. It’s a refreshing contrast to American styles.

    • Bonjour Rebecca, Thank you for your question!
      A short “pixie” haircut is very fashionable and I know some French women who wear it very well. But, from what I can see, this hairstyle is just not as popular as the bob or lob among French women 🙂

  • Fantastic resource for all things French art de vivre
    Very timely indeed as I am texting my stylist today and searching for Inspiration for my fine, wavy hair. Or should I say ultra fine and never my crowning glory?
    I truly appreciate that your posts are not about age and other limitations we may place on ourselves

    • Merci beaucoup Nancy for your nice comment! I hope you found your inspiration here 🙂
      Have a lovely day xo

  • I look forward to your new articles. Always looking for information about women, Paris, recipes,fashion…can’t get enough. You do all so well with a touch of class.

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