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How To Do Chic French Date-Night Makeup

How To Do Chic French Date-Night Makeup

french date night makeup

Here is how French women do their makeup for date night. Whether it’s a first date, a date with your lifelong lover, or just a fancy solo dinner, date night is the perfect time to break out of your usual routine. And creating a makeup look for this occasion is always a fun way to feel your best.

If you’re feeling less than inspired for the big night, don’t worry! To crank up the romance —and just in time for Valentine’s Day— here is a step-by-step guide to creating the most beautiful and effortless French girl makeup for a date night, plus the best makeup essentials to recreate this look.

The French date-night makeup is all about the less-is-more approach. Indeed, for a date night, French women would generally opt for a comfortable yet polished makeup look that’s also long-wearing. Colors are kept simple, skin is radiant, cheekbones are softly sculpted, and lip and eye colors are subtle.

Step 1: Le Teint


For an everyday makeup look, the foundation is generally a step French women skip, but for a date night, they’ll make an exception. For this look, I reach for the Chanel Les Beiges healthy glow foundation in shade B20: a light-to-medium coverage fluid foundation that features a weightless texture and radiant finish for a natural, healthy-looking glow. I use a tiny bit of this foundation that I apply with the foundation brush n°101 from the center of my face outward.


Then, I apply the tiniest amount of concealer sparingly to problem areas: under the eyes, but also anywhere else to cover blemishes or pigmentations. I use Le Correcteur de Chanel in shade B20 and I blend with fingertips.


I add a little bit of blush exactly where I would naturally flush: to the apples of my cheeks, up onto the temples, and right on the bridge of my nose. For this date-night makeup look, I’m using the new Blush Lumière in shade pêche rosée from Chanel Spring-summer 2022 collection. I use the included brush to add a subtle radiant color to cheeks, I do love the color! This blush lumière can also be used to illuminate shoulders and décolleté.


Finally, I just apply a little bit of highlighter above my cheeks to give that definition as if I’ve sculpted out my cheeks. For a date night, I like to use a subtle highlighter in powder with gold/copper shades. For this look, I’m using the Chanel highlighting powder compact in shade Ivory Gold.

Step 2: Les Yeux

Eyeshadow & Mascara

When it comes to the eyes, I like to keep my eye makeup pretty simple. For this look, I’m using two shades —a shimmering beige and bronze chocolate— from the makeup palette Les 4 Ombres Méditerranéen (in limited edition). I just apply the lightest shade all over my eyelid and then, I intensify and enhance the lash line with the darkest shade.

Then, I curl my lashes and apply some black mascara. Le Volume de Chanel mascara is an absolute must. It brightens my eyes and gives my lashes the perfect natural curl, so I can make a statement with just a couple of coats.


When it comes to brows, the bigger the better. French women generally like them generous and not too over defined. Basically, fluffy eyebrows are the go-to look and the Le Gel Sourcils is the perfect brow gel for that.

Step 3: La Bouche

For the lips, I reach for something luminous and hydrating like the Rouge Coco ultra-hydrating lip color in the shade Michele. In terms of colors, for a date night, I prefer to wear a nude pink or apricot lipstick shade as it’s more comfortable to wear —especially if I’m planning to eat and drink during the date. It’s just about going a flush of color on my lips, but still keeps things subtle.

If I’m feeling extra ambitious, I can wear bright red lips and my go-to red lipsticks are the Rouge Coco in shade Carmen or the Rouge Allure in shade Tentation.

Et voilà! I hope this step-by-step guide to chic French date-night makeup will give you all the inspiration you need for your date night! If you have any questions please let me know in the comment below.

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  • ❤️ I am surprised you didn’t mention bronzer, guelerain specifically. I recently abandoned foundation and I love it. thank you for this piece.

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