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8 French Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Yourself in 2024

8 French Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Yourself in 2024

french valentine's day gifts

Valentine’s Day, a day traditionally dedicated to celebrating romantic love, is evolving. It’s becoming an equally perfect occasion to honor the most enduring relationship you’ll ever have —the one with yourself. This year, I invite you to immerse yourself in the art of self-appreciation, infused with a distinct French elegance ;). In France, where style and self-care are intertwined in everyday life, treating yourself is more than a simple act of indulgence —it’s a celebration of who you are. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s toast to self-love with a French flair. Whether through a fine perfume, a delicate piece of jewelry, or a luxurious skincare product, these gifts are a way to cherish yourself, as the French do, with grace, poise, and a touch of joie de vivre.

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best french valentines day gifts
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How to Express Valentine’s Day Sentiments in French

French is often regarded as the language of love, and what better occasion to sprinkle your vocabulary with its charm than on Valentine’s Day? In France, expressing affection on la Saint-Valentin is deeply rooted in the tradition of celebrating romantic love. When conveying Valentine’s Day greetings in French, the phrase “Joyeuse Saint-Valentin” is your go-to expression, but remember, it’s reserved exclusively for your significant other. This specificity underscores the French perspective of Valentine’s Day as an intimate celebration between lovers, distinct from the broader, often more inclusive celebrations seen in other cultures.

To enrich your lexicon of French romance, consider these phrases that capture the various shades of love and affection:

  • “Joyeuse Saint Valentin” – Happy Valentine’s Day
  • “L’amour” – Love
  • “Je t’aime” – I love you
  • “Veux-tu m’épouser?” – Will you marry me?
  • “Tomber Amoureux / Amoureuse” – To fall in love
  • “Embrasser, s’embrasser” – To kiss
  • “Un bisou” – A kiss
  • “Se fiancer” – To get engaged
  • “Le mariage” – Marriage
  • “Un amoureux / une amoureuse” – A sweetheart
  • “Un petit-ami” – A boyfriend
  • “Une petite-amie” – A girlfriend
  • “Mon chéri, ma chérie, mon amour, mon coeur” – Terms of endearment like my dear, my love, my heart

From the thrill of new love (“tomber amoureux/amoureuse”) to the lifelong commitment signified by “le mariage,” the French language offers a beautiful way to articulate every stage of a romantic journey. So, this Valentine’s Day, embrace the language of love and express your feelings with the elegance and sophistication that only French can offer ;).

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  • I love your newsletter! I spent 2 weeks in Central France about 15 years ago on a work assignment, but only 2 days in Paris Your newsletter takes me back. Im in my later 60″s and would love it if you could do a story with fashion and lifestyle for us older gals. Thank you!

  • Some lovely gift ideas. I need a Frenchman now and I would like him to take me for a nice meal (the lack of a card will not matter), but he needs to bring me some red roses and lovely gold earrings. I will carry on dreaming……..:)

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