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french pain d'épices gingerbread recipe
Philippe Conticini’s Pain d’Épices Recipe

Read on to discover this easy and very tasteful French pain d’épices recipe.

authentic traditional french chocolate truffle recipe
The French Chocolate Truffles Recipe by Cyril Lignac

Read on to discover this delicious chocolate truffles recipe.

french buche de noel recipe
The Bûche de Noël Recipe by French Chef Michalak

Christmas is almost here, and in France, no Christmas meal is possible without the traditional Yule Log Cake.

how to say hello in french
10 Ways to Say “Hello” in French

Here are 10 ways to say hello in French, plus some more useful French greetings.

best french kitchen utensils and cookware
10 Made-in-France Kitchen Essentials for Cooking Like a Chef

If you’re looking to become a better cook and master the French classic recipes, then you need the right equipment. Read on to see the best French utensils and cookware that every professional kitchen relies on.

french potato gratin dauphinois recipe
Alain Ducasse’s French Gratin Dauphinois Recipe

Here is one of my favorite recipes for the winter season: le gratin dauphinois (au gratin potatoes in English).

best french luxury tableware brands
10 French Luxury Tableware Brands to Elevate Your Table

Here are the ten best French luxury tableware brands to elevate your next dinner party.

how to set your table like the french
How to Master French Table Setting

Here is your ultimate guide to setting your table the French way. Whether you’re hosting…

emily in paris french review
Emily In Paris: Demystifying French Stereotypes And Clichés

Being French and having lived a few years in Paris, I wanted to compile a list of the clichés and stereotypes of Parisian people that are depicted in this series. And I’ll discuss whether those clichés are true or not.

authentic french baguette recipe
The Authentic French Baguette Recipe by Éric Kayser

Here is one of my favorite French baguette recipe: the French baker Éric Kayser.

what french women eat in a day
What do French Women Eat in a Day

Read on to learn exactly what do French women eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, the ten rules to follow to eat like a French woman wherever you live.

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15 Best French Movies That Will Transport You To Paris

Here are the 15 best French movies to watch that will inspire your next trip…