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How To Create An Elegant Parisian Style Bathroom

How To Create An Elegant Parisian Style Bathroom

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Here is your ultimate guide to creating an elegant Parisian-style bathroom! For the French, the bathroom (“la salle de bain”) is more than just a functional space. It’s a place of sanctuary where all of the self-care rituals take place, where one can perform nightly beauty rituals or take a long, relaxing bath to wash off the remnants of the day. That is why a Parisian bathroom will always aim to create that relaxing, luxurious environment through comfortable furniture, beautiful colors, and luxury materials.

So if you adore Parisian style decor, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most elegant and timeless Parisian bathrooms that will make you want to renovate your bathroom right away! Also, being French and having lived in Paris for several years, I’ve gathered the best French interior styling tips to create an elegant and timeless Parisian style bathroom in your home. Keep reading to discover all of my French bathroom styling advice.

The Color Palette

If you want to pull off Parisian style in your bathroom, in terms of colors, you have several options. First, if you like soft shades go for neutrals like creamy, ivory, ocher, antique white, or beige. Some Parisian bathroom designs are dominated by natural, earthy tones, complemented by gentle, vibrant colors like gold, copper, and brown. This type of color combination works really well to create that refined and sophisticated Parisian style.

On the other hand, if you prefer colors, some Parisian bathrooms include soft hues and pastel colors like antique white and cream, sky blue, seafoam, mint, and lavender. Others include darker or more vibrant shades like it’s the case above where the bold Calacatta Viola marble sink is nestled in a richly patterned-cloaked powder room. Whatever your preferences, Parisian bathroom colors are generally limited to no more than two or three.

Finally, you can opt for a more classic option with an all-white marble, all-black marble, or a black and white bathroom with a touch of gold or copper. The black and white color combination works really well in a Parisian bathroom, it’s classic chic, and timeless.

Bathroom Flooring

In a typical Parisian bathroom, floors are either tiles, wood, or marble for the fanciest ones. If wood floors are used to anchor the space and keep it from feeling too cold, tiles and more precisely cement tiles (“carreaux de ciments” in French) are more and more used in Parisian bathrooms. For your Parisian style bathroom think marble, waxed concrete, mosaic tiles, French terracotta tiles —which are called “tomettes” in French, and even parquet flooring.

In this Parisian master bath above, a subtle pattern arrives on an intricate octagonal-tiled floor. This marble-tile mosaic is the focal point in this moody black-and-white master bath.

Bathroom Lighting

In a typical Parisian bathroom, the decor is pretty simple and chic. You can find some artworks, sculptures, and a chic statement mirror that comes in ornate or just an elegant gilded frame. In the fanciest ones, you’ll find a beautiful and sophisticated chandelier (vintage or contemporary) but in most cases, sconces and wall lights are preferred. For a very elegant touch in your bathroom, opt for art déco style wall lights like these with a cylindrical glass silhouette or these timeless that feature textured glass and brass.

Bathroom Vanities

In terms of furniture, a refined vintage or contemporary vanity is a must in every Parisian bathroom! I’ll recommend opting for or an art déco style vanity as both decor styles can be easily combined with any type of bathroom design and color. I’m in love with this which is crafted of marble-topped rosewood and finished with accents of polished brass. This vanity will elevate any bathroom with its luxurious tamboured facade and midcentury silhouette!

Parisian Bathtub & Shower

As you know, a Parisian bathroom is a place of sanctuary where all of the self-care rituals take place. That is why, despite the great variety of showers, the bathtub is a significant element in Parisian bathrooms. The idea of the bathtub is to make the bathroom a place to relax and enjoy tranquility after a long day. If you want to make a statement, opt for a gorgeous stone base or marble bathtub as it’ll give a natural spa-like look to your bathroom. For a more feminine vibe, you can opt for a classic pedestal-style bathtub or a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub.

Bathroom Mirrors

In terms of mirrors, you have two options: you can choose a chic statement mirror that comes in ornate like this gorgeous , or just an elegant gilded frame like this beautiful . It really depends on the layout of your bathroom, think about how you want the space to feel and function.

Don’t be afraid to choose a pared-back mirror to let other design details shine. For example, if you have a beautiful art deco style vanity with marble, don’t add a decorative mirror to detract from that but instead do simple inset mirror frames above the vanity. By mixing some ornate and classic elements you would be amazed by the fine Parisian spirit in your bathroom.

French Bathroom Accessories

In a Parisian bathroom, accessories are kept to a minimum, to not overwhelm all of the other details. You’ll probably find a beautiful soap dispenser, a hand lotion, a cotton jar, a soap dish, some candles, a few bath products, and some gorgeous perfume bottles. All of these classic bathroom accessories will add a luxurious layer to your bathroom vanity.

Hand Soaps

In a typical Parisian bathroom, you’ll probably find an —Aesop is not a French brand but is very popular in France. Personally, I prefer Diptyque’s hand care range. On my bathroom vanity, I have the and the , my hands are soft and the scent is just exquisite! Another favorite soap for the bathroom is the Marseille soap (“Savon de Marseille” in French) that you can buy in a liquid form like this Fer A Cheval Marseille gentle liquid hand soap.

Perfume Bottles

Be sure to add some beautiful glass perfume bottles to your bathroom to make it really Parisian. I do think Guerlain is making the most beautiful perfume bottles, and I love their Aqua Allegoria Collection! The scents are divine and their famous Bee bottles are really beautiful to display on any bathroom vanity. I already have a few of them, my favorites are , Bergamote Calabria, and Passiflora.

Its refined bottle with golden mesh is a nod to Guerlain’s iconic Bee bottle designed in 1853 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain. The bee adorned at the top of the bottle symbolizes Guerlain’s heritage and its commitment to protecting bees.


Finally, don’t forget to add a few candles to give your bathroom a chic stamp. From Cire Trudon to Diptyque and Carrière Frères, there are many French candle brands to choose from. For a bathroom, I like to add candles with fresh and floral scents like Diptyque Fig Tree or Jasmin candles, and Cire Trudon Cyrnos or Abd El Kader candles.

Et voilà! I hope all of these French interior styling tips will help you create an elegant and timeless Parisian-style bathroom in your home. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment below.

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