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The French-Girl Holiday Party Makeup Look

The French-Girl Holiday Party Makeup Look

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Here is the best holiday party makeup to shop ahead of the festivities! The holiday season is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year, especially because it gives us reasons to wear refined outfits and sophisticated makeup looks any day of the week.

It’s also the busiest few weeks of our social calendar with countless holiday celebrations to attend, from office parties to family gatherings. And while classic holiday makeup looks like red lips and eyeliner are always a staple for dinner gatherings and soirées, there’s nothing wrong with adding some extra sparkle by playing with glitter products and more.

So without further ado, here is a step-by-step guide to creating the most beautiful and effortless French-girl makeup look for a holiday soirée, plus the 10 best holiday party makeup essentials to recreate this look.

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From top left to bottom right:

Step 1: Face · Le Teint

Foundation is a step French women generally skip, but on days when breakouts and redness show up to the party, they’ll make an exception. I’ll recommend opting for a foundation with light coverage like which leaves a natural and radiant finish.

Then, just apply the tiniest amount of concealer sparingly to problem areas: under the eyes, but also anywhere else to cover blemishes or pigmentations. For a natural finish, I recommend the YSL Touche Éclat All-Over Brightening concealer pen.

Just add a little bit of exactly where you would naturally flush: to the apples of the cheeks, up onto the temples, and right on the bridge of the nose. Blend until you have a very subtle color and natural finish.

Finally, add a little extra sparkle to your complexion with a highlighter in gold, copper, and rose gold shades like the . Apply it just above your cheekbones; it will give that definition as if you’ve sculpted out your cheeks.

Step 2: Eyes · Les Yeux

For the eyes, I recommend using an eyeshadow palette with both dark and gold shimmery shades (I’ve just bought this gorgeous in the color Mystic Peacock). I also love the and the . Then, apply a thick layer of your favorite black mascara.

When it comes to brows, the bigger the better. I personally like them generous and not too over-defined. Fluffy eyebrows are the go-to look, and is the perfect brow gel for that.

Step 3: Lips · La Bouche

For the lips, consider opting for a bright red lipstick like this beautiful or the in shade 999.

Always hydrate your lips first with a lip balm and dab the excess moisture with a tissue in order to prevent the color from bleeding. Then, start on the bottom lip with one continuous swipe of lipstick from one side to another. You can use your fingers to diffuse the color all over your lips. Finally, intensify the color by applying several layers of red lipstick, and then, just smush your lips onto a tissue. That way, your lipstick will last all night long!

Step 4: Nails · Les Ongles

For the perfect holiday party makeup look, I love to match my nails and lips. To do so, I just bought this which can match any kind of red lipstick. To light up my nails with a shimmering, glitter veil, I bought this gorgeous .

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  • I loved this post so much – I purchased the Dior eyeshadow, blush and lipstick! Thank you for the great picks! If love to see more beauty/makeup looks for each season! Thanks a lot ❤️

  • I have some Dior lipsticks waiting for me under the tree but I can’t spend any more money now on anything until after christmas so I will just look and mentally add to my wish list.

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