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10 Jewelry Pieces All Stylish French Women Own

10 Jewelry Pieces All Stylish French Women Own

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Here are the ten jewelry pieces you would find inside a French woman’s jewelry box. Today’s post is all about how to create a French jewelry capsule, plus how to style jewelry like a true French woman. So whether you want to add some French-girl style inspiration into your outfits, or you want to get inspired by the jewelry ideas below, scroll down to see the ten major jewelry pieces all stylish French women own.

How French Women Wear Jewelry

Wherever you travel in France, you’ll never see an abundance of dramatic, creative, or colorful jewelry. Instead, you’ll probably notice plenty of delicate gold chains and small stud earrings, together with classic watches. Indeed, French women love fine, delicate, and low-key pieces of jewelry. This style of jewelry fits perfectly with their refined and effortlessly chic signature style. And, as they’re keeping it classic, simple, and minimal, they really can’t go wrong.

French women often use jewelry to highlight different areas of their bodies to bring out their best features. In terms of style, French women do not mix metals (either gold or silver), and usually prefer to wear jewelry pieces made from high-quality materials that will last forever like 18-carat gold, 14-carat gold. That way, French women have these pieces of jewelry in their collection for generations and generations. If you’re wondering where to shop French jewelry pieces here are the best French jewelry brands French women swear by.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Coco Chanel

For French women, keeping it simple and wearing a few meaningful and classic pieces of jewelry that are going to last a really long time is the way to go. Also, less is more! And the rule of French styling applies here: if, before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off, here you should remove one piece of jewelry.

The 10 Jewelry Pieces French Women Never Take Off

1. Delicate Gold Necklaces

Instead of tight chokers, French women prefer to wear slightly longer styles with delicate chains. Delicate gold necklaces are a French jewelry staple that is perfect for everyday wear.

2. Medallion Pendant Necklaces

French women love to wear medallion pendant necklaces —also known as coin or cameo necklaces—. Like Jeanne Damas, you can wear it solo for a subtle flash of gold or layered with delicate gold necklaces to make more of a statement. This beautiful Sezane Sara chain 9 carat gold with this delicate gold medal will add a cool vintage element to any look.

3. Layered Pendant Necklaces

When it comes to gold pendant necklaces, the more the merrier. The French wear them with style by varying lengths and forms. You can, for example, layer multiple dainty gold necklaces or medallion pendant necklaces of different lengths —like this coin necklace set from Madewell—.

4. White Pearls

French women love to wear delicate jewelry pieces with white pearls. For a modern look, avoid wearing the classic one-strand pearl necklace. Instead, opt for a long triple strand pearl necklace, a beautiful pair of gold earrings with pearls, or a pearl pin for your hair. To wear your pearls the Chanel way, layer multiple strands over a black turtleneck for an elegant mid-century vibe.

5. Small Gold Hoop Earrings

When it comes to earrings, small gold hoop earrings are the perfect French jewelry piece to go with everything and work with any occasion. These are a great way to add a touch of class to any outfit. Gold hoops are an everyday essential you’ll spot all the stylish French women wearing on the regular.

6. Tiny Drop Earrings

If you’re looking for something a little more delicate and dressier than simple gold hoop earrings, opt for tiny gold or diamond drop earrings. These are a French girl-approved way to elevate any outfit for everyday wear.

7. Statement Earrings

Being French, I love to wear statement earrings for a dinner, a night out, or any special occasion. French women usually opt for gold dangle earrings with small colorful precious stones.

8. Thin Gold Stacking Rings

A unique arrangement of tiny gold rings is a true French jewelry staple! Super thin gold bands with some subtle texture and precious stones look best when layered. You can also wear one of these dainty rings on every finger.

9. Charm Chain Bracelets

Being French, I love gold charm chain bracelets. A charm bracelet is a type of bracelet that carries personal jeweled ornaments or “charms”, such as decorative pendants or trinkets. These decorative charms usually carry personal or sentimental attachments. One brand that is really popular in France for its customizable charm bracelets is Pandora.

10. Timeless Watch

A gold statement watch is a French jewelry essential that is both practical and très chic. It’s definitely a great investment! My two favorites are the Chanel Premiere Watch and the Tissot Lovely Square Diamond Bracelet Watch.

Are you —like a French woman— a fan of delicate jewelry? I’d love for you to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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  • Hello- I really enjoy your posts. Maybe because they are very much how I think too!! As for jewelry I have to say that I enjoy the look of one thicker band thing- or a thicker gold chain with toggle. Still very simple, elegant and timeless.

  • Thank you for this great post, Leonce! I was looking forward to it. I also like good quality delicate pieces. I’d love to know how to style jewellery pieces like a French woman!

    • Merci beaucoup Tatiana <3 I'm adding this wonderful idea in my to-do and I'll come back with a detailed article 🙂

  • Thank you for the recommendations, Leonce! 🙂 It is an inspiration to me as I’m in the process of updating my wardrobe. I have already read a number of your posts and look forward to going over the rest of them.

  • Love your posts! They are most helpful! I try to adhere to less is better and buy the best that I can afford, so quality over quantity. I have always worn white gold jewelry but am looking at incorporating some gold. I do love good quality native turquoise jewelry which is often done with silver. Once again merci!

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