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15 Chic Yet Affordable French Jewelry Brands

15 Chic Yet Affordable French Jewelry Brands

best french affordable jewelry brands

Here is the list of my favorite affordable French jewelry brands! If you love French-girl style, I’m sure you may wonder where French girls shop for jewelry. French women usually do not wear recognizable designers for jewelry instead, they prefer cool independent jewelry brands.

French women seek a very specific style of jewelry; delicate gold necklaces, layered earrings, vintage cocktail rings, or luxurious investment bracelets. Also, Parisian women do have a thing for gold minimalistic jewelry. Luckily, if you do not have a Place Vendôme budget, Paris harbors plenty of French affordable jewelry brands. And even if you’re not able to visit Paris this year, it’s still possible to enjoy some French jewelry at home. Indeed, most of the French jewelry brands on my list are shipping internationally. Plus, those très chic jewelry options won’t break the bank. Keep scrolling below to shop the best affordable French jewelry brands French girls cannot leave home without. 

15 Affordable French Jewelry Brands To Shop

1. Elise Tsikis

Elise Tsikis is one of my favorite French jewelry designers. She takes inspiration from art, music, travel, and photography, she has a unique aesthetic that stands out from traditional jewelry design. She creates effortless jewels, celebrating the traditions of French jewelry and Greek culture. Elise Tsikis uses raw stones, gold-plated metals, and natural fabrics to create talking-point pieces.

Elise studied at La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and then at the Art Décoratif de Paris. Then, she worked for Christian Dior’s studios, Jacadi Paris, and finally Massimo Dutti, in Barcelona.

2. Médecine Douce

In 2000 Marie Montaud created Médecine Douce, to design surprising jewelry that is constantly renewed in an elegant, bohemian style. The French label offers delicately detailed but casual jewelry. Médecine Douce collections combine skillful French craftsmanship with bright but simple and soothing designs. All her jewelry is made meticulously in her Parisian workshop by expert French craftsmen and women in a way that is respectful of people and natural resources.

3. Louise Damas

Louis Damas started her jewelry career by chance, while she was studying literature at the Sorbonne. Indeed, she was making her own jewelry because she couldn’t find anything simple enough for her taste. In the beginning, she used to create minimalist jewelry made with pliers that she was buying at the flea market. Her pendants, hoops, and fine gold rings, inspired by literary heroines (Ondine, Carmen, Esmeralda) have beautified many a Parisienne since. Her jewelry collection won’t break the bank, ranging from about 45 euros to 200 euros.

4. Pascale Monvoisin

Pascale Monvoisin is one of my favorite French jewelry brands! For ten years, Pascale Monvoisin has been designing pieces of jewelry, each of which has a unique soul of its own, inspired by her travels, her personal discoveries, and her passionately French soul. Designed one by one in her Paris studio, every piece is then produced in India, in Jaipur, in the workshop where Pascale Monvoisin’s adventure into creativity was born. Pascale Monvoisin creates her jewelry like an artist paints a masterpiece. With subtle, nuanced touches and no fear of imperfections. For Pascale, beauty is born in irregularity, imperfect symmetry, and the mark of the human hand.

5. Aurélie Bidermann

The jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann launched her eponym brand in 2004. Her jewelry has long been described as the ideal way to complement the unique style and charm of the interminably chic Parisian woman. She embodies le charme à la française with fun jewelry she sets with colored stones. With her degree in gemology and artful background, she manages to bring together effortless concepts that shape a smart, sophisticated, and chic look. Blending iconic and classical pieces with bold and modern ones, she redefines French style to mean casual and elegant without unnecessary flamboyance.

6. Douze Paris

Douze Paris is a responsible and slow jewelry brand, born in 2017, and imagined by the designer Hermine Sacau. The jewels are made of 18-carat recycled gold and the stones are carefully selected. They are handmade in their Parisian workshops. The designs are meant to be timeless, but always with a slight twist to be the same as no one else and feel unique.

7. 5 Octobre

Sophie Pfeffer founded the jewelry brand 5 Octobre to combine the raw with the precious. A curious and creative spirit, Sophie has cultivated many passions since childhood: stones, antique jewelry, and tribal ornaments, and a taste for primitive and contemporary art in all its forms. Passionate about gems since her early years, the jewelry and accessory designer integrates them into long necklaces, rings, and earrings that emphasize femininity. Made by hand, each of 5 Octobre‘s pieces is unique and reflects a state of mind, like a charm or talisman.

8. Lou. Yetu

This brand found its name from a classic French children’s song — “Loup y es-tu?” — which translates to, “Are you there, wolf?” in English. Lou.Yetu displays delicate gold stacking pieces from detailed rings to bold statement necklaces and dangling earrings. All their jewels are handcrafted and manufactured in their Parisian workshop. Each piece is unique and hand-made which gives them “that little extra bit of soul”. Their production without intermediaries allows them to guarantee fair prices all year round. Look for gold statement earrings, intricate rings, necklaces, and cuffs all priced from €40-50.

9. Atelier Paulin

In 2014, just after the birth of her daughter Colette, Anne-Sophie Baillet imagined with a craftsman’s help the very first name bracelet. Very quickly joined by Matthias Lavaux, her 20-year-old friend with whom she shares a love for design, rare objects, and craftsmanship. The brand naturally came to life with the name Atelier Paulin: “Atelier” to highlight the French craftsmanship at the heart of their brand and “Paulin” to honor Anne-Sophie’s father, also an entrepreneur. Atelier Paulin jewelry is made using an ancestral technique that was on the verge of being lost forever: the art of hand-crafting a piece of jewelry with precious metal wire.

10. Nouvel Amour

Nouvel Amour is a French jewelry brand that is both affordable and luxurious, sensitive and sincere, and focused on great quality, and outstanding service. All jewels are manufactured on-demand in their Parisian atelier using their own machines, cutters, and primers. Also, if you’re looking for customizable jewels, then this brand is the definition and answer to your quest. From necklaces, and bracelets to rings to gold medallions, Nouvel Amour makes engraving on-demand in their workshop in Paris. The customization of necklaces starts from €75 and earrings, rings and cuffs range around €65.

11. Sezane

If you love French-girl style, I’m sure you already know Sézane the French fashion brand created by Morgane Sézalory in 2013. It’s been several years now that Sezane offers a selection of beautiful jewelry pieces. My favorite ones are the Sara chain 9-carats gold and the Sara pendant 9-carats gold; a very fine gold chain and a precious gold medal suitable for everyday wear. Sezane’s jewelry pieces are perfect for treating those who you love or just yourself!

“Sézane was born from a desire to offer women the finest quality pieces with a Parisian touch.”

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Morgaze Sézalory

12. Myrtille Beck

Myrtille Beck is one of my favorite affordable French jewelry brands! She fell in love with the profession of jeweler at the age of 19 and took her first steps in the workshops of prestigious houses and antique jewelry restoration workshops. By working on exceptional pieces, she developed her passion for Art Nouveau jewelry and creations of the Victorian era for the delicacy of their design and refinement.

Myrtille created her workshop boutique in 2008 driven by her desire to offer jewelry that is both beautiful and delicate and that provides strong and true emotions. Her pieces are timeless, elegant, and refined. All her jewelry collection is entirely handmade in her Parisian workshop, with all the passion that it requires and in the respect of exceptional craftsmanship.

13. Monsieur Paris

Behind Monsieur Paris, there is a woman: Nadia Azoug. In January 2010, without a business plan but with a lot of instinct and common sense, Nadia starts her new project self-taught on the rue Charlot- in the Marais, an ancient jewelry district- with the goal of creating jewelry made in Paris, more accessible than those found on the Place Vendôme and more qualitative than costume jewelry. She decides from the start to master the entirety of the manufacturing process: sourcing the materials, distribution, artisanal craftsmanship, everything is imagined and made at the delicate hands of the workshop Monsieur.

14. Gas Bijoux

The history of Gas Bijoux started at the end of the ’60s, when André Gas, a young artist from Marseille who would graduate from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, decided to sell the good luck jewelry he handmade on Saint Tropez’s beaches. Inspired by the peace and love movement, André Gas founded his namesake jewelry label on the French Mediterranean coast in 1969.

Moved by his travels to Africa and encouraged to express his own artistic vision, Gas was met with immediate success on the beaches and shops of Saint-Tropez. Decades later, the family-run GAS Bijoux jewelry brand continues to create colorful, imaginative jewelry that reflects the energy and passion of the brand’s founder while carrying on a tradition of tranquility and vision. You can shop GAS Bijoux here at Nordstrom, at Neiman Marcus, or at Farfetch.

15. Satellite Paris

Satellite Paris is a Parisian jewelry brand well-known for its boho-chic aesthetic, jewel-encrusted collections, and world-traveler outlook. This colorful 30-year-old brand was started by a former ethnologist and a photographer. Throughout her travels, Sandrine collects ancient jewelry, noble materials, fine stones, and objects of curiosity. On returning home from her memorable travels she can’t wait to start creating herself. In 1986 the young couple give birth to Satellite. Everything in this store is an original design created in the store’s Paris workshop.

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