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10 Elegant Dresses All French Women Wear In Summer

10 Elegant Dresses All French Women Wear In Summer

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Here are the best summer dresses or sundresses all French women wear in the summer season. Being French, I love to write about French girl style, and today, I wanted to dive a little more into the French summer wardrobe and more precisely into the summer dresses that are in every French woman’s closet. So, if you’re wondering what style of dresses Parisians and French women wear in summer, this article is for you!

First, you need to know that even during summer, French women always follow a set of rules to dress effortlessly chic. Indeed, French women stick to classic shades like navy, white, red, beige, and khaki as well as earthy tones like tan and rust. So, if you’re looking for a French-style summer dress remember to keep your palette color classic. In terms of prints, always go for seasonless patterns like polka dots (“pois”), gingham (“vichy” in French), and simple floral patterns that will always be in style.

Also, French women don’t like to dress over-sexy and avoid summer dresses that are too short, too tight, or too revealing. In terms of fabrics, seek cotton, silk, or linen which are light and breathable summer fabrics that are perfect to wear when the weather gets hot. As for styling, you can pair your favorite summer dress with summer shoes like espadrilles, delicate jewelry pieces, and a straw bag or a French market basket.

Keep scrolling below to see ten elegant summer dresses that define French summer style, and then shop my selection of the best French summer dresses from favorite French brands like Sézane, Sandro, Maje, and more.

The Floral Dress

french dresses floral print dress

The floral print dress is one of the staples of the French woman’s wardrobe. You might have seen thousands of pictures of French influencers wearing floral print dresses. There are so many lovely floral dresses out this season that come in a variety of floral patterns. I’ve curated a selection of my favorite options at a wide variety of price points. These designs are ideal for every day and any special occasion.

The Wrap Dress

french dresses wrap dress

Wrap dresses have always been an iconic piece of French wardrobe, perfect to wear for both workday and weekend. The elegant wrap dress is easy to wear and looks flattering on absolutely everyone. The design has been around as a stylish option for busy women since the start of the 20th century, but it really became popular due to Diane von Furstenberg’s signature jersey designs. Plenty of designers and brands such as Sézane or Reformation have their own variations of the wrap dress that range from classic to trendy. If you’re looking for inspiration I’ve compiled a selection of the best French-inspired wrap dress to wear this summer.

The Button-Front Dress

french dresses button front dress

The button-front dress is an essential piece of the French summer wardrobe. It’s been several years since we’ve seen the button-front dress everywhere in the streets of Paris during the summer season. And there’s a reason why! This vintage-inspired dress looks flattering on absolutely everyone (and all body shapes). In addition, the button-front dress is super versatile: you can pair it with sandals, white sneakers to espadrilles and you can wear it for any occasion. Whether they’re mini, midi, sleeveless, or with puff sleeves, button-front dresses are the French summer basics you need in your closet. Keep reading below to shop for the coolest summer button-front dresses to wear this summer.

The Maxi Dress

french dresses maxi dress

The long dress has become a seasonless French wardrobe essential. It’s the perfect dress when you want to be a little bit chicer and transitions incredibly well from day tonight. From the floral to minimal, billowing cotton to silks, there is a style for everyone and every body shape. You can pair it with a strappy heeled sandal or with your favorite sneakers. A long summer dress doesn’t require a lot of accessories. Wear it like the French by pairing it with your favorite shade of red lipstick and a classic designer tote bag. See my selection of the best summer maxi dresses of the season.

The Polka Dot Dress

french dresses polka dot dress

The White Dress

french dresses white dress

There is no better summer go-to than the white dress. When it comes to creating a chic and statement look, an all-white ensemble is a perfect option. The color white has long been associated with summer thanks to its light and bright appearance. That’s why, during the summer months, it’s the perfect time to try out an all-white ensemble. This can easily be worn for casual occasions or dressed up for an evening out. The white dress is the best kind of classic that can be worn in about a million different ways.

The Satin Dress

french dresses slip dress

The 90’s iconic satin dress is back and is one of the staples of the French wardrobe. The satin dress is a quite versatile dress. Indeed, you can layer a silk dress over a basic t-shirt, or if you’re going out you can wear it alone with strappy heels. However, that doesn’t mean you need to keep them for formal occasions only. Go elegant with a satin midi dress, or take sexy to new heights with a silky, satin cami number. With minis, midis, and maxis to choose from, see and shop French women’s favorite satin dresses to wear this summer.

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The Little Black Dress

french dresses little black dress

The Gingham Dress

french dresses gingham dress

You might all picture Brigitte Bardot in the ’60s wearing a pink gingham dress for her wedding. The gingham dress is the perfect summer dress if you want to adopt the classic French style look this season. This summer dress is perfect for any and every activity, from more formal events to a casual gatherings with friends and family. And best of all, it’s super easy to dress up or down. Just pair your favorite gingham dress with lace-up espadrilles. Keep reading to see French women’s favorite gingham dresses to wear this summer.

The Shirt Dress

french dresses shirt dress

The shirt dress is one of my favorite dresses for summer, especially when the temperature breaks 30°C and when getting dressed starts to be challenging! Not only the shirt is extremely comfortable to wear but it’s also very easy to put on. From a shirt mini to a midi dress, there are tons of options to incorporate into your summer wardrobe.

Et voilà! I hope this guide to the most beautiful French-style summer dresses will inspire you! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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