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The 10 Most Magnificent French Advent Calendars of 2023

The 10 Most Magnificent French Advent Calendars of 2023

best french advent calendars

As the holiday season approaches, the allure of the Advent calendar becomes increasingly irresistible. Yet, not all Advent calendars are created equal—some are veritable masterpieces of craftsmanship and luxury. This year, French brands have outdone themselves, offering a range of Advent calendars that are not merely a countdown to Christmas (Noël) but an experience in themselves.

From the opulent fragrances of Diptyque and Dior to the skincare luxuries of Oh My Cream and Sisley, each calendar promises a daily dose of delight. Tea aficionados will find solace in the curated selections of Palais des Thés, while beauty enthusiasts can indulge in the offerings of L’Artisan Parfumeur, Aime, and Clarins. And for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Angelina and Guerlain provide a touch of Parisian elegance that is simply incomparable.

In this article, we will explore the ten most magnificent French Advent calendars of 2023, each a celebration of craftsmanship, heritage, and the joy of the season. Prepare to be enchantés!

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1. Diptyque Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Diptyque limited edition advent calendar
Photo: Diptyque.

Indulge in the essence of the holiday season with the Diptyque Limited Edition Advent Calendar for 2023. Adorned with flame-shaped calligrams inspired by the poetic definition from the Encyclopédie des Lumières, the exterior is a prelude to the olfactory delights that await within. Each day reveals a small treasure from Diptyque’s renowned collection, including the festive fragrances of Sapin, Délice, and Coton. Elevate your December mornings with a daily revelation from Diptyque, and let the magic of the season fill your home. Every year, the Diptyque Advent Calendar is one of my favorite French Advent calendars.

2. Dior Le 30 Montaigne Holiday 2023

Dior Le 30 Montaigne holiday advent calendar 2023
Photo: Dior.

Step into the magic of the holiday season with the Dior Le 30 Montaigne Holiday 2023 Advent Calendar. This luxurious offering from the House of Dior is a work of art that’ll transport you to the heart of Paris. Designed to mirror the iconic facade of Dior’s historic boutique on 30 Avenue Montaigne, it unfolds to reveal an exquisite scene crafted by artist Pietro Ruffo, inspired by the timeless beauty of the Tuileries Garden. Each day, unveil a miniature treasure—be it an opulent fragrance, a sumptuous makeup item, a nourishing skincare product, or a heavenly scented candle.

3. Maison Sarah Lavoine x Oh My Cream Advent Calendar

french advent calendar Maison Sarah Lavoine x Oh My Cream
Photo: Oh My Cream.

Experience the epitome of French elegance and beauty with the Maison Sarah Lavoine x Oh My Cream Advent Calendar. This highly exclusive, limited edition calendar is a treasure trove of 25 clean and cult beauty essentials. With 11 full-sized products for face, body, hair, and makeup, each day unveils a new luxurious surprise.

Designed in collaboration with Maison Sarah Lavoine, renowned for her signature iconic blue, the calendar itself is a decorative masterpiece that adds a touch of Parisian chic to your home. To heighten the excitement, Golden Tickets are hidden in select boxes, offering you a chance to win iconic products from Maison Sarah Lavoine.

4. Sisley Exclusive Sisley-Paris Advent Calendar

Sisley exclusive Sisley-Paris advent calendar
Photo: Sisley-Paris.

Embrace the magic of the season with Sisley’s inaugural beauty Advent Calendar, a whimsical masterpiece designed by the brand’s founder, Isabelle d’Ornano. Adorned with a vibrant patchwork of inspirational words and colorful imagery, this calendar is a true reflection of Sisley’s spirit. Each of its 25 drawers unveils a chosen gem from Sisley’s esteemed collections—be it skincare, makeup, haircare, or fragrance. As you count down to Christmas, relish in the daily moments of surprise and delight, uncovering treasures that elevate your self-care rituals.

5. L’Artisan Parfumeur Holiday Advent Calendar 2023

L'artisan parfumeur holiday advent calendar 2023
Photo: L’Artisan Parfumeur.

Immerse yourself in a fragrant journey this holiday season with the L’Artisan Parfumeur Advent Calendar. Encased in a beautifully designed box inspired by this year’s Winter Herbarium theme, the calendar is a sensory delight, offering 24 scented treasures. From travel-sized classics to brand-new creations and even a full-sized bestselling fragrance, each day brings a new olfactory experience. Curate your personal scent profile for the season as you explore these aromatic gems. Perfectly crafted for unforgettable holiday celebrations, this Advent Calendar is an invitation to discover a new world of fragrance.

6. Angelina Parisian Advent Calendar

Angelina Parisian advent calendar
Photo: Angelina.

Indulge in the quintessence of Parisian elegance and gastronomy with the Angelina Parisian Advent Calendar. This exquisite calendar is a celebration of Angelina’s rich heritage, founded in 1903 by confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer. Each window opens to reveal assorted chocolates that embody the brand’s iconic aesthetic, balancing tradition and modernity to perfection. Adorned with beloved Parisian landmarks, the iconic arches of Rue De Rivoli, charming characters in inimitable Parisian style, and a traditional French carrousel, this calendar is a visual and culinary delight.

7. Palais des Thés 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Palais des Thés 24 days of tea Advent calendar
Photo: Palais des Thés.

Embark on a daily journey of flavors and inspiration with the Palais des Thés 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar. Expertly curated to delight the senses, this calendar features a diverse selection of teas—from flavored blends and exceptional single estate teas to caffeine-free herbal options—all elegantly packaged in gourmet cotton tea bags. The calendar also holds a special surprise: the new limited edition holiday tea, Le Thé Magnifique. Will you be the one to discover it? With teas like Chai Imperial, Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope, and Grand Yunnan Imperial, each day becomes an exploration of taste and tradition.

8. Aime Advent Calendar 2023

aime skincare advent calendar
Photo: Aime.

Transform your beauty and wellness routine this holiday season with the Aime Advent Calendar 2023. With a total value of €330, each day unveils a new essential from Aime’s ‘inside, out’ routine. From full-sized offerings like the Hair & Scalp Boost supplement and Parfum de Peau roll-on fragrance to travel-sized skincare essentials and exclusive treats like a cotton skincare headband and hand cream, this calendar is a comprehensive beauty experience. It even includes a €15 gift card for your next Aime purchase. Elevate your self-care rituals and discover the best of Aime, all wrapped up in one luxurious calendar.

9. Clarins The 24-Day Advent Calendar

Clarins the 24-day advent calendar
Photo: Clarins.

Indulge in a daily dose of beauty luxury with the Clarins 24-Day Advent Calendar, a limited edition collection of Clarins’ best-selling skincare and makeup essentials. Valued at $354, this calendar is a curated journey through 24 full-, travel-, and sample-sized surprises that will leave you glowing throughout the holiday season. From iconic skincare solutions to makeup must-haves, each day offers a new opportunity to discover the best of Clarins. Made in France, the calendar is printed with vegetable-based inks and water-based varnish on paper sourced from sustainably managed forests.

10. Guerlain The Hive of Wonders Advent Calendar

Guerlain the hive of wonders advent calendar
Photo: Guerlain.

Step into a world of opulence and enchantment with Guerlain’s The Hive of Wonders Advent Calendar. Inspired by the fantastical universe of jeweler Begüm Khan, this calendar is a treasure trove of Guerlain’s most coveted offerings. As you count down to the holidays, each day reveals a new luxurious secret. Adorned in Guerlain’s emblematic green and filled with 24 exquisite surprises, including scented soaps and a 24K radiance primer, this calendar is the epitome of holiday magic.

Et voilà! I hope this comprehensive guide to the finest French Advent calendars will help you in making your choice for this year’s holiday season.

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  • I have never before seen a selection of selection boxes.
    This is a first for me and at age forty eight not a season too late.
    They truly are wonderful works of art.

    Have a wonder full Christmas
    And a thoughtful New Years celebration

    God bless

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