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The 5 Chicest French Shoes You Need For Spring

The 5 Chicest French Shoes You Need For Spring

best french spring shoes for women

Here are the best French spring shoes for women to add to your capsule wardrobe. Spring is in the air! Warmer days are right around the corner, and it’s officially time to switch up your wardrobe, pack away your winter shoes and start hunting for some chic shoes for spring.

Being French, I love to write about French-girl style. French women are well-known for their timeless and effortless, laid-back, yet always put-together look. And nothing is as chic as the way they combine high-end wardrobe staples with functional footwear. In today’s post, I wanted to dive a little bit more into the five chicest French spring shoes that are found in every French wardrobe —and on every Parisian street. From the classic ballet flats to chunky loafers and spring mainstays slingbacks, step into spring with style with my list of the five chicest French spring shoes for women.

Ballet Flats

french spring shoes for women ballet flats

Ballet flats are one of the footwear of choice for spring. They are one of those classic styles that hardly ever feel dated. And this iconic Parisian style is a bit of a wardrobe icon and a staple that continues to be trendy. There are three iconic pairs of ballet flats: the Roger Vivier Trompette ballet flats, the Chanel ballerinas, and the Repetto Cendrillon ballerinas. The Cendrillon ballerinas are an iconic shoe style from the Maison Repetto, originally made for Brigitte Bardot. No matter if you prefer square, rounded, almond, or pointy styles, and whether paired with jeans or a dress, they’re just what your need this spring!


french spring shoes for women slingbacks

If you’re looking for another shoe option other than ballet flats, I really recommend slingback shoes —one of the most iconic pairs is the Chanel Beige & Black Slingback. The slingback shoes are timeless, elegant, statement, and they’re perfect shoes for in-between weather. Also, they are super versatile as they can go with anything; you can wear them with jeans, midi skirts, or dresses. They’re also a perfect choice if you want more comfortable shoes but still want to wear heels.


french spring shoes for women loafers

Loafers are one of the most comfortable shoe options to wear in spring! Loafers add a very polished vibe to any outfit and they will never really go out of style. This spring, opt for a pair of loafers set on cleated rubber soles —which add a little height— like the Tod’s Gomma Pesante loafers or the Roger Vivier Viv Ranger loafers. If you prefer a more classic style, opt for the timeless Gucci Jordaan loafers.

Mary Janes

french spring shoes for women mary janes

If you’re both favoring comfort and style, Mary Jane shoes are one of the most comfortable shoe options you can walk for miles in. There are two iconic pairs of Mary Janes that French women love to wear: the Carel Kina buckled pumps and the Roger Vivier patent-leather pumps. This spring, I love also Chanel’s interpretation of the Mary Jane shoes.

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White Sneakers

french spring shoes for women white sneakers

You might know that uncomfortable high heels are not very “French”. Hardly any French woman decides to choose high heels for the whole day. And in Paris, it’s far more common to see French women wearing flat shoes such as sneakers. To make their outfits look smarter, French women opt for white sneakers that make their feet look thin, small, and classy. This spring, I’m in love with the Gucci Ace sneakers and the Chloé Nama sneakers.

Et voilà! I hope this guide to the best French spring shoes for women will inspire you! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment below.

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  • My favorite are the ballet shoes and the white sneakers. Am living in Naples, Fl and it is too hot for heels.

  • Bonjour

    I am so happy to see these shoes – because I have every style – except for the white Trainers – maybe at my aged (66) I am too old but don’t feel it.


    • Bonjour Denise,
      Thank you for your comment! I’m sure a nice pair of white trainers will suit you very well 🙂
      White trainers are the most comfortable shoes in my collection, that I always wear those very busy days when I know I’ll walk everywhere.
      But as you said, it’s important to wear whatever makes you happy and wherever you feel comfortable!

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