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How To Stock Your Pantry Like A True French

How To Stock Your Pantry Like A True French

french pantry essentials

Here are the 20 essentials French people keep in their pantry. Today I wanted to dive a little bit more into the main ingredients you should be stocking in your pantry if you are a French food enthusiast.

The French understand the value of using high-quality pantry staples to elevate the flavor of their food and to make everyday simple dishes taste fantastic. And they know exactly how to up-level simple food by seasoning it well. To help you stock a French pantry, I’ve listed my go-to French pantry essentials and top-quality ingredients that will allow you to prepare a wide array of beautiful and delicious French recipes.

In this French pantry checklist, I’m covering different seasonings, spices, condiments, and typical French dairy products that are used in France. Those high-quality basics will make cooking French food at home a little easier and more flavorful. So, if you’ve always wanted to know what is in a French pantry, here is my French guide to stocking your pantry with quality ingredients used in France. You can shop my list of French pantry essentials on Amazon.

The 20 French Pantry Essentials

  1. Fleur de Sel (Salt) – Sel de Guérande, Sel de Camargue, Sel de Noirmoutier, Sel de l’île de . My favorite one is the Guérande Salt with White Truffle from Maison de la Truffe.
  2. Moutarde de Dijon (Dijon Mustard) – The Amora Dijon Mustard is the cheapest, but I prefer the Maille Dijon Mustard, the Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard or the Bornier Original Dijon Mustard. My favorite is the Pommery Meaux Mustard.
  3. Vinaigre balsamique or Vinaigre de Cidre (Balsamic & Apple Cider Vinegar) – Giuseppe Giusti Balsamico Di Modena, Edmond Fallot Aged Burgundy White Wine Vinegar, Martin Pouret Red Wine Vinegar, Orleans Champagne Vinegar, Vinegar of Banyuls 
  4. Huile d’Olive (Olive Oil) – Oliviers & Co Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nicolas Alziari Extra Virgin Olive Oil, A L’Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil, my favorite is the Maison de la Truffe Olive Oil with Black Truffle
  5. Herbes de ProvenceAlbert Menes Provence Herbs
  6. Herbes Aromatiques (Dried herbs) – parsley, rosemary, basil, onions, shallot, garlic, thyme, chive, oregano, tarragon, etc.
  7. Piment d’EspeletteEspelette Piment Chilli Terre Exotique
  8. Cornichons (pickles) – Maille Cornichons
  9. Sardines Sardines With Olive Oil Conserverie la belle-iloise, Sardines Connetable
  10. Terrine, Rillettes de porc, saucisson sec
  11. Beurre doux/ demi-sel (unsalted or salted butter) – Isigny Ste Mere Salted Butter, Butter Doux Unsalted, if you want to taste one of the best butter of the world try the one from Bordier
  12. Crème fraîche (full cream)
  13. Fromages (cheese) – Emmental, Comté, Roquefort, Tomme de Savoie, Fromage de Chèvre frais, etc.
  14. Miel (honey) – Albert Menes Creamy Honey From France, Hédène Chestnut Honey
  15. Confiture (jam) – Bonne Maman Confitures, St Dalfour Confitures
  16. Crème de MarronClement Faugier Gourmet Chestnut Spread, Bonne Maman Chestnut Jam
  17. Chocolat Noir (at least 70%) – Chocolat Bonnat, Valrhona Chocolate, Chapon Chocolate, Valrhona Cacao Powder
  18. Thé & Café (tea and coffee) – Dammann Freres Jardin Bleu, Comptoirs Richard Tea, Kusmi Tea, Mariage Freres Tea, Cafés Richard
  19. ChampagneRuinart Blanc de Blancs, Bollinger Special Cuvée champagne
  20. Vins Rouge/ Blanc (Red/white Wine) – Crozes Hermitage, St Emillon, Sancerre, Pinot Gris Grand Cru

I hope this French pantry checklist will help you to stock your pantry like a true French. Now the question is: how French is your pantry?

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