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10 French Luxury Soaps To Elevate Your Bath Ritual

10 French Luxury Soaps To Elevate Your Bath Ritual

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Here are the most luxurious French bar soaps to elevate your bath ritual. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with perfumed bar soaps! Whether from fragrance houses like Diptyque or luxury skincare brands like Sisley Paris, a beautiful bar of soap can definitely transform your daily shower into a serene act of self-care. Not only bar soaps are a more environmentally friendly option —they eliminate the need for plastic bottles and pumps — but they tend to last significantly longer than their liquid counterparts. What’s more, a delightfully odoriferous soap will impart a pleasant scent to your bathroom.

So trade your body wash for these French luxury soaps below and transform your daily shower into a spa-like experience. Also, if you prefer more traditional French soaps, see my previous article on the Marseille soap (Savon de Marseille in French).

Treat Yourself To These 10 French Luxury Soaps

Keep scrolling to see and shop my edit of the best French luxury soap bars that not only cleanse but also nourish the skin.

Diptyque Eau des Sens Perfumed Soap

Created with plant-based oils and fats, and enriched with deeply moisturizing sweet almond oil, Diptyque Eau des Sens perfumed soap‘s formula can revitalize even the driest of skins. Also, it offers up a delicate foam fragranced with notes of Eau des Sens. Lively, floral, and delicately fruity, it encapsulates every dimension of the bitter orange tree, its flowers, fruit, and leaves. It’s one of my favorite French luxury soaps, almost a spa-like retreat for the skin at home!

Mistral Floral Bar Soap Gardenia

Each of Mistral’s soap bars is hand-wrapped in papers illustrated with floral watercolors. My favorite one is Gardenia! It captures the essence of fully bloomed gardenias, jasmine, and orange blossoms are based on coconut musk.

Roger & Gallet Thé Vert Perfumed Soap

Infused with the uplifting fragrances of green tea and lemon, this Roger & Gallet Thé Vert perfumed soap awakens and rejuvenates the senses while it cleanses and purifies the skin, without ever disturbing its natural radiance. Recognizable among thousands, its silk paper, is the signature of the savoir-faire and quality of Roger Gallet. Also, this soap contains 95% of natural origin ingredients.

Sisley Paris Eau Du Soir Scented Soap

If you love Sisley Eau du Soir fragrance then this soap is for you! The Eau du Soir perfumed soap is a luxurious cleansing bar that perfectly cleanses the skin with its soft, fine, and creamy lather, leaving it fresh, silky, and subtly scented with the notes of Eau du Soir.

Diptyque Do Son Perfumed Soap

Enriched with sweet almond oil and glycerine for lasting hydration, Diptyque Do Son perfumed soap is suitable for use on all skin types, including dry or damaged skin. It offers up a delicate foam fragranced with floral notes of Do Son. This fragrance evokes scents of tuberose and orange leaves for a lingering fragrance reminiscent of lush tropics. Another one of my favorite French luxury soaps!

Chanel n°5 The Bath Soap

In contact with water, the Chanel n°5 bath soap develops a light, creamy lather that leaves the skin soft, supple, and delicately scented. Inspired by the harmony of May Rose and Jasmine that composes N°5, the bath soap was formulated as a sensual continuation of the N°5 floral bouquet. The bath invites you to relax and unwind, a peaceful moment steeped in the magic of N°5.

La Chatelaine Luxury Bar Soap Trio

Enriched with moisturizing shea butter and argan oil, each La Chatelaine bar soap is triple-milled to create a long-lasting bar with a luxurious lather, leaving the skin feeling clean yet soft and supple. Lavender is a delicate, calming scent of the lavender fields in Provence. Lychee bilberry is a sweet and earthy berry blend that’s evocative of far-away destinations. And lemon verbena is a refreshing blend of uplifting citrus.

Dior J’adore Silky Soap

The Dior J’adore silky soap contains relaxing ylang-ylang essential oil, and non-drying shea butter for a soothing experience. This pearly soap delivers a thin and delicately perfumed mousse. J’adore is a magnificent floral bouquet of exquisite flowers; Comoro Islands ylang-ylang, Damascus rose, and sambac jasmine.

Buly 1803 Savon Superfin Mexican Tuberose

Buly 1803’s Savon Superfin Mexican Tuberose is lightly infused with the French heritage label’s Peruvian Heliotrope fragrance. The scent is a blend dominated by the queen of white flowers, spiced with clove and vanilla. The delightfully odoriferous Savon Superfin will impart a pleasant scent to your very bathroom!

Bastide Miel de Lavande Provence Soap

Artisanally made using Provence olive oil, Bastide Miel de Lavande Provence soap softly lathers without drying the skin. This award-winning soap, from the master savonnier in Provence, is delicately scented with the delicious Miel de Lavande fragrance. Fragrance notes are lavender, freesia, almond flower, fresh lilac, sweet honey, and blond woods.

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