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10 Chic Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

10 Chic Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

halloween home decoration ideas french

Here are 10 very chic Halloween home decoration ideas to celebrate it the French way. Even if Halloween is far more popular in the US than in France, I know many French people who actually love and celebrate Halloween in France. For Halloween, many French children go trick or treating and adults usually organize parties at home. French people usually wear scary costumes and love to dress as a zombie, vampire, ghost, or any other creatures. Some people also watch horror movies with their friends or family to celebrate Halloween.

Besides Halloween, in France, we have an important celebration named La Toussaint also known in English as All Saints Day, a widely celebrated national holiday in France on 1 November. While the 1st of November is traditionally the day where you celebrate all saints, for many, it’s most of all the occasion to remember the dead and bring chrysanthemum to cemeteries. In France, banks, stores, and businesses are all closed on this day.

10 Chic Home Decoration Ideas To Celebrate Halloween The French Way

Personally, I’ve been lucky enough as I’ve always been surrounded by friends who actually love and celebrate Halloween. Even if the French Halloween celebration is very modest compared to the American one, I love to decorate my home for Halloween. Each year, I like to make a very classy Halloween decor statement with festive decor that walks the line between gothic and elegant and some of which you can even keep up all year as part of your regular decor. Keep reading below to know the ten Halloween decor ideas that are equal parts stylish and spooky.

For more French home decor ideas, check my previous article on the 10 decor pieces for styling your home like a Parisian.

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And you how do you decorate your home for Halloween? Which one of those French Halloween home decoration ideas do you prefer? Please add your comment below.

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