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The French Girl’s Guide To Dressing For Fall

The French Girl’s Guide To Dressing For Fall

french girl fall wardrobe

Here is your ultimate guide to dressing like a French woman this fall. As a French woman, I love to write about French style. And today, I wanted to dive a little more into the French fall wardrobe and more precisely into the 10 fall wardrobe staples that are in every French girl’s closet.

But, before diving into the staples of the French fall wardrobe, there are several rules that French women follow religiously in order to dress effortlessly chic during the fall season.

  1. First, when it comes to their wardrobe, French women shop for timeless pieces that will work together and prefer neutral colors such as black, khaki, navy blue, grey, or beige.
  2. French women usually avoid wearing prints and bright colors during the fall/autumn season. Instead, the French prefer to stick to neutral tones that will always be in style.
  3. In terms of fabrics, French women seek high-quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, or cashmere that are perfect to wear when the weather gets cold.
  4. French women don’t dedicate their wardrobes to new trends but instead, they incorporate different wardrobe staples based on the season.
  5. Finally, French women don’t sacrifice their comfort for style. The French girl’s fall style is all about finding outfits that are both chic and comfortable to wear every day.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the French fall basics that will never go out of style and can all be worn together. If you have a thing for French style, keep reading to shop my selection of the best fall outfits.

The 10 Wardrobe Staples That Define French Girl’s Fall Style

1. Well-Fitted Blazer

The well-fitted blazer is an essential piece of the French fall wardrobe. If you want to Frenchify your closet this fall, you definitely need to invest in a high-quality blazer! Indeed, you can wear a blazer with everything like a basic T-shirt, a silk camisole, a pair of straight-leg jeans, or a pair of tailored pants. It instantly gives chic and elegance to any outfit and it can be worn for a day or night outfit depending on the accessorization. Navy blue, grey, or black versions can work with any outfit. Finally, seek for a high-quality fabric like wool for the fall season.

french girl fall style blazer
© Leia Sfez

2. Trench Coat

The long beige trench coat is a must-have for any French woman. It’s the perfect coat for this transitional autumn period between light jackets to heavy-duty coats and perfect for those rainy days ahead. A high-quality trench coat will keep you warm all seasons and will add chic to any of your outfits. Opt for a beige, navy blue, or light grey color and this season the longer the more fashionable.

french girl fall stylet trench coat
© Leia Sfez

3. Basic T-shirt

White, light grey basic T-shirts are another staple of the French fall wardrobe. During the fall season, French women love to combine a basic T-shirt with a well-fitted blazer, a pair of high-rise straight jeans, and a pair of loafers or ankle boots. In terms of colors, French girls stick to neutral palette such as white, grey, beige, or nude. It’s the perfect combination to create a very French effortlessly chic outfit for the day.

french girl fall style t-shirt
© Leia Sfez

4. Striped Top

The Breton-stripe tee (la marinière in French) is one of the staples of the French girl’s fall wardrobe. For the story, everything started when St. James‘s Breton-stripe jersey became the official uniform in the French navy in 1858. Coco Chanel introduced in 1913 the popular striped tee to the fashion world and it became an iconic piece that is found in every French girl’s closet. You can pair it with high waist jeans and a pair of ankle boots. Just avoid the total French fashion clichés by wearing a béret, a marinière, and a red scarf all together.

french girl fall stylet striped top
© Anne-Laure Mais

6. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are one of the staples of the French fall wardrobe! Indeed, it’s flattering, minimal and it’s so easily layered under all the blazers, sweaters, and jumpsuits in your existing wardrobe. Nothing is quite as classic as a black thin turtleneck jumper. In terms of colors, French girls prefer neutral shades such as beige, camel, black, navy blue, or grey. Turtlenecks are so versatile and can be paired with any outfits.

french girl fall stylet turtleneck
© Anne-Laure Mais

7. Cardigans

Cardigans are the perfect clothing items that will keep you warm this fall. French girls love to wear them over a basic T-shirt or a silk camisole and they layer it with a blazer or a trench coat. Opt for a high-quality fabric that will last for more than one season like merino wool, cashmere, angora, or mohair wool. Finally, choose neutral colors such as white, grey, navy blue, black, or dark green that work together easily.

french style short cardigans
© Anne-Laure Mais

8. High Waist Jeans

High waist jeans are one of the staples of the French fall wardrobe. And there’s a reason this silhouette is so popular: it’s flattering on everyone. Indeed, the high rise gives waist definition, and the wider cut balances out the hips and elongates the legs. For a cult French outfit, you can pair your favorite jeans with a basic t-shirt, a well-fitted blazer, and a classic pair of loafers. Prefer high waist jeans with no holes, rips, and paint splatters. In terms of colors, French girls prefer light jeans for the day and dark blue for a chicer outfit.

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french girl fall style jeans
© Anne-Laure Mais

5. Long Sleeve Dress

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean French women do not wear dresses anymore. As temperatures begin to drop, French girls usually prefer to wear long-sleeve dresses during the cooler months. French women usually wear it with a cardigan and a pair of loafers or ankle boots. You can layer a snug turtleneck underneath as well. Long-sleeve dresses are perfect for fall. It’s the perfect dress that you can easily wear during the day at work, or on a first date or to a chicer event.

french girl fall style long sleeves dress
© Jeanne Damas

9. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the fall wardrobe essentials for French women. One of the best things about ankle boots is that they are very versatile. Whether you’re wearing jeans, pants, a skirt, dress, or jumpsuit, ankle boots can provide an excellent footwear option. Ankle boots are the ideal pair of shoes to wear during the fall season. Those stylish shoes can suit many looks and can easily be dressed up or down. Ankle boots are definitely the French staple your closet needs.

what to wear in paris in winter ankle boots
© Jeanne Damas

10. Loafers

While still feminine and slim-fitting, a pair of loafers is also a wonderful flat style footwear option. You may have all fall in love with the fur-lined Gucci loafers this year, but French women have known about the magic of a loafer for a whole lot longer. Since Paris is a city where you can walk everywhere, French women usually prefer a chic, stylish but always comfortable pair of shoes. Loafers are one of the favorite footwear options of many French women for the fall season.

french girl fall style loafers
© Leia Sfez

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