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The Ultimate List of The 200+ Best French Fashion Brands

The Ultimate List of The 200+ Best French Fashion Brands

best french fashion brands

Here is the complete list of the best French fashion brands to shop for in 2022. Luxury Parisian fashion houses such as Hermès, Chanel, or Dior might be the first brands to come to mind when you think about French fashion. However, there are so many more French fashion brands to discover!

Being French, I’ve saved you some time by listing all of the best French fashion brands I know for every price range and style. From mid-range contemporary to high-end and more affordable, in this article, there are a lot of French brands you need to know about.

Don’t forget to bookmark this post as I’ll update it regularly. That way, when you’re shopping for something new or looking for a specific French brand, you can refer to this list. Also, you can add a comment if one of your favorite French fashion brands is not included in the list. Or if you’re representing a French brand, please contact me so I can add your brand to the list.

So, without further ado, indulge your love for all things French with this list of the 200+ best French fashion brands listed below.

1. Luxury Fashion Brands

For more, check out my article about the 10 most famous French fashion designers and their inspiring success stories.

2. Mid-Range Fashion Brands

These fashion brands listed below are ideal to shop when you’re looking for quality items without splurging on luxury brands. For more details, check out my post on the best affordable French clothing brands.

3. French Influencers Brands

For more French style inspiration check out my article on the 30 French influencers to follow.

4. Lingerie, Swimwear & Loungewear Brands

For more details on these brands listed above, read my guide to the best French lingerie brands and my post on the 15 best French swimwear brands to shop in 2022.

5. Footwear Brands

For more, see my article on the best French shoe brands the French adore.

6. Handbag & Accessories Brands

For more, check out my article on the 10 best French handbag brands you definitely need to know about.

7. Jewelry Brands

For more, read my posts on the most prestigious French luxury jewelry brands and the chic yet affordable French jewelry brands to shop.

Et voilà! I hope this guide to the 200+ best French fashion brands will help you through your shopping. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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