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The 10 Best French Anti-Aging Creams Parisians Swear By

The 10 Best French Anti-Aging Creams Parisians Swear By

best french anti-aging creams

Here are the 10 most effective French anti-aging creams of the moment! Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark spots, and moisture loss are ordinary effects of aging. And even if we’re all for embracing getting older, factors such as sun exposure, pollution, and various lifestyle habits can accelerate the onset considerably.

That is why it’s important to incorporate an effective anti-aging skin care product into your beauty routine —in addition to healthy lifestyle habits such as eating a vitamin-rich diet, drinking plenty of water, protecting your skin from the sun, not smoking, and managing your stress. And even if no cream can reverse time, using a wrinkle and anti-aging cream consistently can reduce lines and other signs of aging like hyperpigmentation, dullness, and loss of elasticity. The best ones can even provide support to your skin and deliver ingredients to the skin that help preserve its elasticity and radiance.

So to help you find the formulas that truly deliver results, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best French anti-aging creams for every skin type and skin concern.

What Ingredients to Look For

The most effective anti-aging creams contain active ingredients to soften fine lines and wrinkles on the face, along with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to boost moisture in the skin. Here are five key ingredients to look for in anti-aging creams.

Vitamins C and E to Neutralize Free Radicals

Vitamins C, B3, and E are the most important antioxidants for anti-aging skin care because of their ability to penetrate the skin. Vitamin C in concentrations between 5 and 15% was proven to have a skin anti-aging effect by inducing the production of collagen.

Seek out anti-aging skin care products with vitamin C in concentrations of at least 5%. Look at the label and check that L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is in the top five ingredients.

Niacinamide to Improve Skin Elasticity

If you’re looking for an all-purpose ingredient, look no further! Niacinamide evens skin tone, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, and improves skin hydration by decreasing skin’s water loss. Niacinamide is the perfect anti-aging ingredient for combination/acne-prone skin types as well, because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

However, do not use Niacinamide simultaneously with skincare products that contain vitamin C. Indeed, applying the 2 formulas at the same time can cause skin redness and irritations.

Retinol to Stimulate the Production of Collagen

Retinol is the substance that is most often used as an anti-aging compound. It has been shown that retinol can help visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can improve the firmness of the skin.

Be careful with retinol as it can cause redness and irritations. A soothing and hydrating mask 2 or 3 times a week might help in conjunction with a good moisturizer that hydrates and protect the skin.

Polyphenols to Reduce Oxidative Stress

It has been proven that polyphenols possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that reduce oxidative stress by destroying free radicals caused by pollution, UV rays, poor diet, etc. Polyphenols such as green tea, grape seeds, and resveratrol slow down the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles.

Other Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients

  • AHA and BHA exfoliate and stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and boost the production of collagen.
  • Hyaluronic Acid provides extra moisture that helps plump the skin which makes fine lines and wrinkles look smoother.
  • Peptides induce and stimulate new collagen growth and may help relax wrinkles.

Now that you have a better idea of which ingredients to look for in anti-aging skin care products, keep scrolling below to see and shop the ten best French anti-aging creams & moisturizers.

1. Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream

is the ideal moisturizer for all skin types! It’s one of my favorite French anti-aging creams! Enriched with Alkekengi calyx extract, and Padina pavonica, the formula is designed to restore skin bounce and re-plump skin. It also promotes complexion radiance and luminosity with black rose aqueous extract which instantly smoothes the skin texture. Hibiscus flower and Alpine Rose extracts boost radiance and combat dulling of the complexion.

2. Caudalie Premier Cru La Crème

is one of the best anti-aging moisturizing creams on the market, targeting eight signs of aging: deep wrinkles, fine lines, firmness, volume, elasticity, dark spots, hydration, and radiance. It instantly hydrates and smooths the skin through the use of hyaluronic acid, while Caudalie-patented Viniferine reduces the appearance of dark spots.

3. Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra SPF 30

is a multi-tasking moisturizer with triple anti-aging efficacy. Infused with hyaluronic acid, LHA, and jojoba oil, this face cream lifts and firms skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots for a more even tone. This formula features linseed extract containing peptides, an ingredient known to help reduce signs of aging.

4. L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream

is a powerful anti-aging daily moisturizer for all skin types! It offers complete action against all the signs of aging, helping to revive skin’s youthfulness, vitality, and glow. Enriched with a duo of immortelle (both the essential oil and an extract of the flower), the formula is designed to boost skin’s density and elasticity as well as the production of collagen and cell renewal.

5. Clarins Extra-Firming Day SPF 15

Protect and preserve your skin’s youth with the , a daily moisturizer that smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles. This rejuvenating cream is infused with the kangaroo flower extract, a plant-powered botanical that preserves the necessary production of fibroblasts in the skin and stops skin slackening thanks to its age-defying formula.

6. La Roche-Posay Redermic R Retinol Cream

Correct deep wrinkles, premature sun damage, and an uneven skin tone with the , a retinol treatment suitable for all skin types, even sensitive! Created with a 0.3% concentration of pure retinol, the moisturizer stimulates collagen and elastin to promote a firmer and smoother appearance. Apply in the evening to the face and neck. Can be used alone or under a moisturizer. Make sure to use it in association with SPF protection daily.

7. Le Lift Crème Chanel

Enriched with Botanical alfalfa concentrate (a potent-yet-gentle naturally derived ingredient as efficient as retinol), is a soft, comforting face cream that delivers targeted anti-aging benefits to skin for the look of a re-contoured, toned, and refined complexion. This crème is composed of 94% naturally occurring ingredients.

8. Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream SPF 20

has been specially designed to support menopausal skin. It uses highly innovative organic Harungana, a re-densifying ingredient that offers anti-aging benefits as effective as retinol, without causing the irritation sometimes associated with it. Paired with organic gorse extract, this cream improves the tone of fibroblasts for firmer and toned skin.

9. Dior Capture Totale Firming & Wrinkle-correcting Crème

Enriched with Bio-Fermented Ceramide, Dior Capture Totale Firming & Wrinkle-correcting Cream leaves skin feeling firmer and nourished with moisture. Fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections appear reduced. Skin looks more radiant. With every application, the Firming & Wrinkle-Correcting Creme melts into the skin, wrapping it in comfort.

10. Nuxe Anti-aging Cream Nuxuriance Ultra

Nuxe Anti-aging Cream Nuxuriance Ultra is designed to regenerate skin, reshape facial contours, and smooth wrinkles to help you achieve a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. The thick creamy formula melts into the skin to give the appearance of a dense, re-plumped, and radiant complexion. It’s the ideal anti-aging cream for dry to very dry skin.

Disclaimer: I carefully select and personally love every product featured on Leonce Chenal. If you buy through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Merci for your support <3

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  • Bonjour Léonce
    Toujours aussi intéressant vos articles
    J ai une peau mature (“60ans)et il me faut une crème nourrissante mais qui puisse également lifter ma peau
    Que me conseillez vous ?
    Encore merci

    • Bonjour Apolline,
      Merci pour ton commentaire!
      Pour une peau mature je recommanderais une crème anti-âge global telle que la Crème de La Mer, la crème Sisley All Day All Year ou la crème Lift Structure Ultra de la marque Filorga. N’hésite pas si tu as d’autres questions 🙂 Merci, xoxo Leonce.

  • Hello Leonce,

    Thank you so much for your posts! I like the one on building a French skincare routine too!

    I am in my late 20s (28) with sensitive skin and would like to prevent aging, which cream / serum do you recommend? I am really interested in the La Mer cream, but oh my gosh the price…

    Thank you!

    • Bonjour Liliko! Thank you very much for your comment! For your age and your skin type, I’ll recommend the Multi-Active Day Cream from Clarins (one of my favorite anti-aging creams), and you can add Clarins’s Double Serum as well to your routine. I love Avène’s products as well and in particular, the Tolerance Extreme Emulsion which is really great for sensitive skins. I hope that’ll help 🙂 xo

  • Long term reader and fan – but first time commenter! As a British-American, I visit your blog daily because I’ve always been so impressed by the seemingly effortless style of French women.

    Just to say, there is no fixing the damage that smoking does. Probably I’m biased, having held the hand of my long-time smoker mam as she took her final breath in September 2021, dying from complications from failed circulation directly caused by her smoking. I think about her 77 year old skin in comparison with my then 91 year old grandma-in-laws skin, and there was just no comparison. My mam grew up in northern England, my G-I-L in California, so had the sun factor, plus she lost a 19 year old daughter and a 35 year old son, and was the one who found her husband when he passed, so an unimaginable stress factor. And yet her skin still looked younger than my mams, even though my mam invested in creams to try to mitigate/reverse the damage. The best way to fix damage from smoking is to stop smoking, or better yet, never start.

    • Bonjour Lindsey, thank you very much for following the blog and sharing your story <3 I'm really sorry for your loss.

      I completely agree with you! There is absolutely no cream or moisturizer that can fix the damage from smoking, the best (for our skin and especially for our health) is to quit smoking and never start. I've updated the article accordingly. Thank you again for your comment.

  • Hello,
    After looking at this list is there one you would recommend for anti-aging/acne-prone skin(dry)types? I know it should have Niacinamide in it but I was told to avoid shea butter and coconut oil as ingredients. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Bonjour Kerry and thank you for your comment! For combination / acne-prone skin types (like mine), I would recommend the (I use it every day and I love it!). At night, I use the with the and it works wonderfully! I hope that helps, xo.

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