The Boy Beat No-Makeup Makeup Look

girls with boy beat makeup look

What is Boy Beat Makeup?

Makeup is finally shifting into a more natural age! The “Boy Beat” makeup is basically a kind of a reversal of the Instagram perfect skin look. And it’s so refreshing to take a break from using eyeliner, overdrawn lips, exaggerated cat eyes to look hyper-feminine.

The Boy Beat makeup is a style of makeup popularized by Makeup Artist Sir Johns (Beyonce’s Makeup Artist). The focus is mainly on eyebrows and cheekbones. The Boy Beat makeup is the latest evolution of natural makeup look. Indeed, it refers to place emphasis on eyebrow thickening and face sculpting paired with an almost blemish-free base.

“It’s an androgynous way to look at makeup being masculine and feminine at the same time, adding a bit more structure than you would have naturally.” Sir John, Makeup Artist


The Boy Beat makeup is a twist on the French makeup look or makeup no-makeup look. It’s minimalist and simple while enhancing natural features and adding more structure to the face with a particular focus on the eyebrows and the cheekbones. The face doesn’t need to be flawless! The overall idea of this look is being comfortable with/without concealer or foundation. Even if you see a bit of acne, rosacea, dark circles peeking through. It’s all about embracing so-called imperfections while enhancing natural features.

I’ve never been so excited about a makeup trend and I really hope that this new “Boy Beat makeup” trend could open up the beauty community to be even more accepting all these natural skin conditions (no flaws).

How To Achieve Boy Beat Makeup Look?

The Foundation

To recreate this look I’m focusing on the skin, and I start with a clean and minimal base. The products I’m using will depend on the state of health of my skin. When my skin is breaking out I wear a little bit of the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective (in shade 15 Opal and 25 Nude) suitable for minor to moderate skin concerns including acne and blemishes, dark circles and scars.

I like this foundation as you can build the coverage desired, and as it’s a high coverage foundation I like to mix it with few drops of my day cream for a more natural finish. I just apply this foundation with my hands to the spots where I need it: over redness, dark circles, spots/breakouts, and scars. I’m not using any brushes or beauty blender to blend the foundation as I think you’re always tempted to use more product than needed with these tools.


Or Use Concealer Only

When my skin is not breaking out I’m just using the Tom Ford Concealing Pen (shade 1.0 Alabaster) instead of using a foundation. I like to use this concealer with my hands just around the eyes to cover under-eye circles, around my nose to cover redness but also on my chin to cover blemishes and scars. I love Tom Ford Concealing Pen as it always delivers the right amount of product and as it camouflages under-eye circles, areas of uneven skin tone, redness by creating an undetectable finish (contrary to a foundation). This product is perfect for adding a little bit of something to the skin while still looking completely natural.

Add Definition With Bronzer Powder

Then, I apply with a kabuki brush a bronzing powder from the forehead to the cheekbones and then from the cheekbones to the chin and also on the bridge of my nose. I like to use the Guerlain Terracotta Light in Light Warm 01 to give a natural healthy sun-kissed look to the face. I like also to mimic flushed skin by using a little bit of Tom Ford Lip Color in shade 98 Federico that I apply on my cheeks like a cream blush.


Focus On Eyebrows

The greatest focus in this look seems to be on the eyebrows. I like to use the Benefit brow-volumizing gel in shade 3 Medium to darken and build up the intensity of my eyebrows. To do so, I’m just brushing the brow hairs upwards and adding several layers in order to add a bit of thickness to eyebrows. I’m not using any brow powder or brow pencil because I want to keep my eyebrows very natural. Also, I stopped plucking and trimming my brows for a year now which is perfect for this look as we want to keep eyebrows shape as natural as possible. Finally, I curl my lashes and apply just one coat of mascara to open my eyes up. And voila!


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