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Parisian Style Guide To Fall

Parisian Style Guide To Fall

paris fashion style fall autumn

Here is my Parisian style guide to fall. In the same vibe as my previous article on the 10 French wardrobe essentials, I wanted to go through the Paris fall fashion trends. It’s basically a curated selection of outfits and key pieces inspired by the Paris fashion week street style, as well as by Parisian girls I’m seeing in the streets every day 🙂

It’s the perfect Parisian style guide if you’re wondering what do Parisians wear in fall, or if you’re just looking for inspiration. Finally, it can give you some inspiration you if you’re planning a trip to Paris this season and you don’t know what to pack.

What Do Parisians Wear In Fall

Fall is the perfect season to visit Paris! Indeed, the Parisian weather is usually pleasant; mild and quite sunny but sometimes windy and colder in the evening. That’s why we can retrieve in the Parisian wardrobe for fall many different mid-season coats such as trench, blazers, jeans jacket or vintage fringed leather jacket.

Remember that no matter the season, Parisian style is always stylish, simple and chic. Even for fall, seek high-quality fabrics and materials such as cotton, silk, wool, or cashmere. Shop for timeless pieces that will work together and prefer neutral colors such as black, khaki, navy blue, grey, or beige. Finally, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort; Parisians style is all about finding outfits that are both classy and practical. Keep scrolling to know what do Parisians wear in fall.

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Masculine Blazers

Blazer is an essential piece of the French wardrobe. This fall, blazers will be seen in oversize silhouettes with strong shoulders, in navy blue, beige or khaki colors.

Loose Trench


Vintage Fringed Leather Jacket


High Waist Wide Leg Pants

Oversized Jeans Jacket

Combat boots

Total Look

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