The Best French Market Baskets French Girls Love

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Here are the best French market baskets French girls wear on repeat. The French market basket is a convenient bag originally used by French women to hold fruits and vegetables bought from their local farmer’s market. For the French, it’s definitely the ultimate staple of the French summer wardrobe. Indeed, French women generally have different shapes and sizes of market baskets depending on the use. Either just for shopping, picnic, days at the beach, or simply as an everyday handbag.

For the little story, the French market basket has been used since Antiquity. It’s one of the “it-girl” of the 70s, Jane Birkin, who made the French market bag famous. Now, the French market basket is a real summer it-bag that we can see everywhere: from the streets of Paris to the most beautiful beaches of the French Riveria. And this trend is definitely here to stay.

5 Ways French Girls Use Their Market Baskets

The French market basket is a very convenient bag and a good alternative to plastic carrier bags. Made of palm fiber and leather for the rim and handle, this type of bag is not only more practical and environmentally friendly but also a whole lot better looking.

Easy to carry and versatile, French women use it for shopping, picnic, days at the beach, or simply as an everyday handbag. The French market basket can also make an unusual linen storage basket around the home. When I’m not using my market basket as a chic reusable grocery bag, I use it as home storage. Either filled with rolled guest towels in the bathroom or filled with blankets in the living room. When going on holiday, I always bring with me my favorite French market basket to carry my favorite French sunscreens, swimwear, and bikinis at the beach.

To wash your market basket it is very easy! Just take your market basket outside and shake out any dirt (or sands) that may still be crawling around. If you’re going to the farmer’s market, my French tip is to add some newspaper at the bottom of the bag in order to avoid some fruits and vegetables that are slightly wet to dirty the bag.

5 Best French Market Baskets To Shop

There are plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from, and I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your needs – small or large, long or short handles, striped or plain. French women usually have several types of them depending on the use. Indeed, French women prefer to have a large one to pick a large amount of food at the farmer’s market. And a medium one for shopping, picnic, days at the beach. Finally, a smaller one is used as an everyday handbag, or as a night out handbag.

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If you cannot travel to France this summer, don’t worry. There are many sources online to find the perfect French market basket. To get that effortlessly chic look this summer, check out my selection of the best French market baskets from Sézane, Shopbop, Etsy, and more.

1. For The Farmer’s Market

2. For Shopping

3. For The Beach

4. For Everyday

5. For A Night Out

And you, how do you use your French market basket? Which one is your favorite for summer? Please add your comment below.

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