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15 Chic Decor Ideas To Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

15 Chic Decor Ideas To Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

chic fall decor ideas

Here are fifteen fall chic decor ideas to warm up your home. Fall is already here! And while it might be customary to give your closet a seasonal refresh—see the ultimate guide to French girl fall style— you can also give your home the same autumnal treatment. Also, the holidays are on the horizon, and guests will likely be coming sooner rather than later. Then, fall is also a time to make your home as inviting as possible.

In order to create a stylish, cozy space for autumn, first, think rich jewel colors —like sapphire, amber, emerald, teal, imperial, citrine. Velvet in rich jewel tones is definitely on-trend this fall along with gorgeous multicolored prints in cotton and silk, like those found in the attics of stately European homes. Also, textural and diffused fabrics like soft cashmere, faux fur, and fuzzy merino wool are perfect to give your home an instant cozier atmosphere. And fabrics like cable knits can make an appearance in the form of an oversize accent pillow.

Also, don’t forget to change your throws and pillows! Indeed, it’s one of the easiest and most affordable things to do in order to change your space up with the season and to reflect a cozier atmosphere. Finally, don’t forget to add fall candles to your home! There’s nothing quite as comforting as the flicker of a flame and the sweet scent that perfumes the home.

15 Chic Decor Ideas To Try This Fall

For inspiration, browse all of the chic fall decor ideas I curated below, and transform your space for the fall season.

Caned Basket

fall decor ideas caned basket

Neat Method Caned Basket

Desk Organizer

fall decor ideas leather saddle desk organizer

Leather Saddle Desk Organizer

Felted Pillow

fall decor ideas velvet pillows

Addie Felted Pillows

Terracotta Vases

fall decor ideas terra cotta vase collection

Terracotta Vase Collection

Coffe Table Book

fall decor ideas louis vuitton the birth of modern luxury book

Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury

Decorative Matches

fall decor ideas match cloche

Match Cloche

Moroccan Style Wool Rug

fall decor ideas geo border wool rug

Geo Border Wool Rug

Candle Bust

fall decor ideas cire trudon bust louis XIV candle

Trudon Candle Bust Louis XIV

Wooden Tray

fall decor ideas hand carved wooden trays

Hand Carved Wooden Trays

Dried Bouquet

fall decor ideas dried bright autumn bouquet

Dried Bright Autumn Bouquet

Fall Scented Candle

fall decor ideas trudon cire candle

Cire Trudon Cire Scented Candle

Wood Table Lamp

fall decor ideas wood leather table lamp

Shinola Parker Wood Table Lamp with Woven Leather Shade

Cozy Arm Chair

fall decor ideas armchair

Gala Reverse Roll Arm Chair

Faux Fur Throw

fall decor ideas luxe faux fur throw

Luxe Faux Fur Throw

Copper Cookware

fall decor ideas mauviel copper 12 piece cookware set

Mauviel Copper 12-Piece Cookware Set

Et voilà! I hope this guide will help you create a stylish, cozy space for fall! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment below.

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