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5 Best French Mineral Sunscreens For Sensitive Skins

5 Best French Mineral Sunscreens For Sensitive Skins

french mineral sunscreens for summer

Here are the 5 best French mineral sunscreens for sensitive skin types. One of the staples of the French skincare routine in summer is a good sunscreen with the highest SPF you can find. The French are obsessed with sunscreen since they know that the sun is making their skin aging prematurely. French women make sure to always protect their skin with enough sunscreen and make it the most important summer habit whenever they leave the house for a long period of time.

French women have usually different sunscreens with different SPFs in their beauty cabinet. And if there is one staple of the french summer skincare routine, it’s definitely a mineral sunscreen with good SPF in it to protect the most sensitive skins.

French Mineral Sunscreens Are Best For Sensitive Skin Types

If you have sensitive skin and don’t know the difference between chemical and mineral sunscreen, here it is. Mineral sunscreens contain two different ingredients such as zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Both ingredients are soothing to the skin. Indeed, zinc is the ingredient that many baby-bottom creams and blemish-soothing products are made with. Mineral sunscreens just work by sitting on the top of the skin and reflect the light so it doesn’t reach the skin.

On the other hand, chemical sunscreens contain active ingredients such as avobenzone, octinoxate, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule. Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV lights within the skin. And, if you have sensitive skin, there are several problems with those chemical sunscreens. Indeed, by using sunscreen with chemical formula, those with sensitive skin can suffer from itchiness, redness, and even breakouts. That’s why it’s always best to use mineral sunscreens if you have very sensitive skin.

But since it can be a headache finding gentle sunscreens that won’t make your skin freak out, I did you a favor and rounded up the 5 best French mineral sunscreens for sensitive skin, below.

5 Best French Mineral Sunscreen For the Face and Body

1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Ultra-Light Fluid SPF50

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Ultra-Light fluid is a lightweight 100% mineral tinted face sunscreen with titanium dioxide that was developed for sensitive skin. The universal tint leaves a matte finish and creates a healthy glow on all skin tones. It provides antioxidant protection in a revolutionary ultra-light texture. Non-whitening, fast-absorbing, weightless texture.

2. SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF30

SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF30 provides protection and restores the skin barrier specifically on post-procedure, sensitive and very dry skin. This all-physical sunscreen, featuring zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, provides all-day hydration making it ideal for daily use. Artemia salina, a plankton extract, provides increased photoprotection by stimulating skin’s defenses and resistance to UV and heat stress.

3. Avène Mineral Fluid SPF50+

Avène Mineral Fluid SPF50+ is sunscreen lotion with a gentle mineral complex to protect the most sensitive skins. Key ingredients of the formula are Pre-Tocopheryl which creates a barrier against harmful free radicals, and Avene’s Thermal Spring Water to soothe sensitive skins. Water-resistant.

4. Vichy Capital Soleil Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF60

Vichy Capital Soleil Mineral Sunscreen is an ultra-lightweight lotion with 100% mineral sunscreen UV filters. This daily mineral sunscreen provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF60 protection with a sheer tint for a healthy glow. Formulated with Vichy Mineralizing Water from the French volcanoes, rich in 15 minerals and clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier from skin-aging exposome factors like UV rays and pollution. Water-resistant up to 80 minutes, fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

5. Soleil Toujours Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45

Soleil Toujours’s sunscreen is a non-chemical, mineral sunscreen that provides high-level SPF coverage for intense sun exposure. It features potent antioxidants and organic ingredients to target skin aging. Key ingredients are zinc oxide, green tea leaf extract, red algae, and vitamins C and E.

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