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The 20 French Shoe Brands French Girls Love

The 20 French Shoe Brands French Girls Love

best french shoe brands list

Here are the best stylish and affordable French shoe brands French women swear by. As a French woman, I love to write about French style and especially about shoes. I’ve previously written about the 10 typical shoes that define French style, but in this article, I want to dive a little bit more about French girls’ favorite French shoe brands.

Since Paris is a city where locals walk everywhere, French girls are seeking stylish, cool but always comfortable shoes. French girls’ shoes always strike a balance of stylish, cool, and comfortable. What’s more, French women seek versatile shoes that can be paired with any type of outfit. French girls know that the right pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to completing a look.

So if you are wondering which shoe brands French women wear or if you’re looking to add a few pairs to your shoe collection, keep reading to find out the best French shoe brands all French women wear. Here is my list of the 20 best French shoe brands, enjoy!

20 French Shoe Brands To Shop Online


The story of Sezane begins with a forgotten suitcase and a love for vintage. Upon discovering an abandoned collection of vintage clothing, Morgane Sézalory began making slight adjustments to the pieces, and selling her finds online under the name “Les Composantes“. By 2013 Morgane realized she had found her calling: she began supplementing her vintage pieces with her own designs & Sezane was born. Sézane is one of the French shoe brands that offer quality shoes at affordable prices.


Minelli is a French shoe brand that offers low-to-mid priced basic and trendy footwear. It is the go-to brand for men and women looking for original and bold styles adapted to real life. Its collections are created with skill and talent for clients to have fun, wear nice shoes, and feel great. Minelli embodies the classic with a twisted philosophy and designs models adapted to every occasion.

JM Weston

JM Weston is a French fashion Maison specialized in the production of men’s shoes for more than a century. This French shoe brand blurs the boundaries between the genders for its women’s collection. The house uses the authentic and masculine lines of loafers, derbies, and sneakers to achieve a boyfriend look with a touch of elegance. Using noble materials such as calfskin, the company, founded by Édouard Blanchard, regularly unveils daring creations, such as their iconic “Le Golf” loafers or the fruit of exclusive collaborations.


Since 2005, the French brand Veja, through its social and environmental commitment, has made it possible to wear shoes that are designed to last. With carefully chosen materials such as natural rubber, fish skin leather, Veja puts innovation at the heart of its production. They offer stylish, well-thought-out sneakers designed to last long-term. With a distinctive V on the side, the sneakers in the Veja women’s collection are French girls’ go-to shoes to wear for every day.


Repetto is a French ballet shoe company founded in 1947 by Rose Repetto. She created her first ballet shoes for her son in 1947 and soon thereafter opened up her first workshop near the National Opera of Paris. The company gained fame from creating the “Cendrillon” ballerina flat for a French ballet dancer and actress Brigitte Bardot’s 1956 film Et Dieu… créa la femme. Repetto provides ballet shoes for the National Opera of Paris and many other well-known French ballet companies.


Carel is first and foremost a family history. In 1947, Georges Carel left his hometown of Grenoble and moved to Paris with his wife Rosa. Georges Carel and his wife opened their first shoe store for women in 1952 at 29 Boulevard Saint-Michel. Thanks to a discreet and elegant sense of style, the brand was able to make classic shoes (ballerina flats, pumps, and Mary Janes) into durable must-have pieces. Based in the heart of Paris for over 60 years, the Carel saga has seen boldness and risk-taking, much like the color spectrum within our selection.

Roger Vivier

Ever since the opening of his inaugural Paris boutique in 1937, Roger Vivier has designed footwear for the emancipated woman. The French cordwainer, whose delicate and sumptuous footwear had already made his renown, pulled off a masterstroke in 1954 by elevating the stiletto heel to the ranks of iconic fashion. The Maison created heels for Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, and Queen Elizabeth II. More creations were to follow, all equally spectacular: The Choc heel in 1959, the 1963 Virgule heel, vinyl thigh boots in 1966, and then leather versions in 1967. Today, each shoe and accessory epitomizes the effortless elegance of Inès de la Fressange, the brand’s ambassador.


The Jonak shoe brand was created by Joseph Nakam back in 1964. By combining high quality with competitive prices, Jonak offers urban style for active and sophisticated women, with an emphasis on comfort and simplicity. The shoemaker’s preferred materials are natural and unrefined, but elegant nevertheless.


Clergerie’s ateliers date back to 1895, which means this brand has been mastering its craft for over a century. Footwear that combines feminine style with masculine twists, each collection focuses on architectural silhouettes and audacious designs. Confident color combinations and modern reinterpretations of classic styles keep the boots, brogues, and pump youthful but timeless.


Founded in 2010, Bobbies is a French shoe brand of exceptional shoes and leather goods. Designed in Paris, their creations are developed in Portugal from raw and noble skins of Italian origin. Bobbies create unique models that are easy to wear, timeless, yet fashionable, and iconic. The Parisian shoe brand is reinventing the basics such as desert boots, ankle boots, pumps, slippers, and of course moccasins, bringing originality and character to the world of shoes.

Patricia Blanchet

Patricia Blanchet‘s mission is to glorify your feet, to make them the most stylish yet comfortable they can be, and to accompany them on the quest for beauty, dancing on a rainbow of happiness. In the late 1940s, Patricia’s father decided to set sail for France and cross the Mediterranean by his own means. He continued on horseback and then on foot until eventually, he reached Paris. Exhausted, yet determined, he quickly set about creating a solid reputation for himself built on serious work backed by ambition.

L’autre Chose

Made in Italy, designed in Paris. L’Autre Chose is known for is functional but free-spirited designs. It might be a tale of two countries, but there’s a unity to each collection with an aesthetic that celebrates grown-up refinement without forgetting to be playful. Since the arrival of the new CEO Alice Carli and of Nicolò Beretta as Creative Director, L’Autre Chose has become known for much more than just footwear with the inclusion of ready-to-wear, handbags and small leather goods.

K. Jacques

An iconic brand in the Saint-Tropez summer shoe industry, K.Jacques has been unveiling its creations since 1933. Two generations have succeeded Jacques Keklikian, the historical founder of the house, with the desire to maintain the values that made the success of K.Jacques shoes. In the style of the ancient Spartans, the straps are thin and highlight the ankle on an extra-flat sole. Find the perfect pair of K.Jacques shoes to tweak a little summer dress or a seaside outfit.

Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy launched his eponymous brand in 1999. From the very first season, the creative approach would be radical and graphic. He is a true shoe architect, his work firmly based on the composition of volumes. Working beyond the confines of trends, he pushes the limits of form and structure, with lines that are at once strong and subtle, modern and sensual. His creative approach is assertive and radical.

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Laurence Dacade

Laurence Dacade is a Parisian luxury accessories designer who launched her eponymous line in 2008. Everything started when she was fourteen years old and made her first solo purchase of a pair of shoes. Her love affair with shoes and the foot had begun. Dacade’s shoes are sexy and elegant while being chic, but never boring. Since she travels extensively, her favorite places to contemplate a new collection are airports and train stations, observing people as they move through their lives.


Sartore started in the 1930s with a small shoe and repair store in Breil-sur-Roya in the hinterland of Nice. Two decades later, Paul Sartor, the son, set up his own factory in 1959 with his wife Marcelle. Under this name, the Maison developed a line of men loafers, boots style for women, and trotting boots. Premium natural fabrics, such as leather and suede, are crafted into streamlined silhouettes adorned with exquisitely stitched details and distinctive metallic flourishes. In 2011, the Maison opened a shoe store at number 3 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré.

Mellow Yellow

The story of Mellow Yellow starts in 2003 when its founder, Bruno Van Gaver, decided to market a line of footwear using the acerbic name, “Mellow Yellow”, a reference to the title of a famous song from the 60s. This witticism expresses the agility, humor, cheerfulness, and diversity of color that was to become the brand’s signature. The shoes are displayed in a warm and modern setting, with warm wooden floors and uncluttered décor. Touches of color here and there are a nod to the 1970s.


Roseanna is a French ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoe brand based in Paris. Under the creative direction of its founder, AnneFleur Broudehoux, the collections evolve constantly towards a complete wardrobe which symbolizes a free universe, without constraint and rooted in the present. These collections are for women looking for a stylish, easy, and colorful wardrobe. She is not afraid of associations, she assumes her choices.

La Botte Guardiane

Established in 1958, La Botte Gardiane is specialized in handcrafted boots, shoes, and sandals, all 100% made in France. Their workshop is located in Camargue, in the southeast of France, between Nîmes and Montpellier. All the shoes are made with the best leathers mainly from France, like tannery Degermann, which also supplies Hermes, Ralph Lauren, and other luxury brands. La Botte Gardiane has built its reputation on the quality of its products, preserving original craftsmanship and using high-quality leather.

Amelie Pichard

Amélie Pichard’s brand of quirky, sexy, and fanciful footwear is not just a go-to for the Parisian, but it’s actually pretty good for the whole world. The French accessories designer’s world is a fantastical, stylish adventure, bringing something new but taking inspiration from the chicest trends of the past. On 2014, October 31st, Amélie Pichard was meeting Pamela Anderson, her idol. The cult actress of the ’90s has contacted this Parisian designer to collaborate on a vegan shoe collection.

And you, which one of those French shoe brands is your favorite? Which one would you incorporate into your closet? Please add your comment below.

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