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The 10 Best Loungewear Pieces French Girls Swear By

The 10 Best Loungewear Pieces French Girls Swear By

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Here are the best French girl loungewear essentials. French women have a very particular approach to loungewear. Indeed, even at home, French women stick to their effortlessly-chic aesthetic as normal, but with a slightly more casual twist. They rely heavily on classic and elevated basics such as oversize button-down shirts, jeans, and cozy knitwear. And they avoid wearing too sporty outfits such as sloppy sweats, jogger pants, and leggings. French women always make sure to stay at home in style with a beautiful collection of loungewear.

Wearing pieces that are just as comfortable and cozy as stylish is part of the French girl’s self-care routine. For the French, those very chic and comfy pieces have the power to make them feel better at home. Indeed, even what you wear to bed or around the house can boost your mood and your confidence. Personally, I feel quite different wearing an old T-shirt and hoodie versus a beautiful silky pajama set with a silk robe.

French women have the perfect formula to make comfortable but always stylish looks. Indeed, they invest in fewer pieces of better quality and fit, that are just as comfy and cozy as they are stylish. French girl’s style at home is all about curating comfortable and stylish basics that are perfect for the weekend and extra time spent at home. So if you want to feel just a little bit more French at home, you can opt for fitted joggers in a luxurious fabric like cashmere or knit, silky or cotton pajama sets, and slips with knitwear or silk robes (what we call “déshabillé” in French). For French women, even loungewear pieces should feel like luxury. Keep scrolling below to know what exactly French women are wearing at home right now.

10 Loungewear Pieces To Get French Girl Style At Home

Personally, I’ve always been a homebody and the type of Parisian woman who always chooses comfort over style. If a white tee and a pair of jeans are an easy option, I love loungewear pieces such as pajama sets, cozy knitwear, and cashmere or knit pants. My favorite at-home uniform is the Sezane Mia Jumper with the cozy knit jogger pants. So, if you’re a fellow homebody like me or you simply want to get French-girl style at home, scroll below to shop the best French girl loungewear essentials.

1. Silky Camisoles

Silky camisoles are one of the French girl loungewear essentials. It’s the perfect top you can wear under a sweatshirt or a cashmere cardigan at home. It’s a very versatile and comfortable piece that French girls wear either at home or for a day look (it’s the perfect top to layer under a well-fitted blazer). Silky fabric adds a very elegant, feminine, and chic touch to all your at-home outfits. They are a very good loungewear alternative to basic tees.

2. Cozy Knitwears

All French women have their favorite cozy knitwear to lounge at home. French women will always prefer a cashmere or mohair knitwear to a basic cotton sweatshirt or hoodie. Indeed, for the French, even loungewear pieces should feel like luxury. To chill at home I love the Sezane Achille Jumper, the Lucy Jumper, or the Gaspard Jumper. There are all made from Kid mohair, Alpaca, or Merino wool which are super warm and comfy materials. I usually pair them with a cashmere knit jogger or with a silky wide leg pant.

3. Cashmere, Knit Joggers

French women do not wear leggings to lounge at home but only when they are doing sport or physical activities (walking, yoga, fitness, etc.). Instead, French women prefer to wear something more luxurious such as a fitted jogger in a high-quality material fabric like cashmere or knit. Cashmere pants are genius for a day at home, for traveling, or to run errands in on the weekend. They are just perfect if you want something other than legging that is comfortable enough while still giving you a polished look at home.

4. Comfortable Denim

It might surprise you but French women wear jeans even to lounge at home. However, they are not wearing any type of jeans. Indeed, French women prefer a boyfriend, straight-leg, wide leg, or flares pair of jeans (as skinny can be very uncomfortable). The French seek for ultra-comfortable denim and jeans that fit like loungewear. Personally I really enjoy wearing a comfortable pair of jeans at home as I think, it elevates my at-home style. Scroll down below to shop my selection of soft, delicate jeans, and as comfortable as your favorite loungewear.

5. Oversize Button-Down Shirts

Oversize button-down shirts are one of the French girl loungewear essentials. And it’s probably one of my favorite pieces I’m wearing on repeat. Before quarantine, my button-down collection was saved for casual at-home weekend occasions only: early morning bakery runs or Sundays spent lounging on my sofa. Now that I’m working full time at home I reach for the look every day. I think it’s the perfect item to wear at home if you want to feel more dressed up while still being comfortable. In my opinion, an oversize button-down shirt adds a relaxed polish to every ensemble. I usually pair it with a boyfriend jean or a cashmere knit jogger.

6. Silky Pajama Sets

If you want to feel your best while staying at home, a nice silky pajama set is the perfect outfit to start. As we spend more and more time in our pajamas these days, it’s important to wear something that is comfortable enough while still giving you a polished look at home. And I think there is something so glamorous and comfortable about the idea of slipping into a silky pajama set to go to bed. So if you want to feel a little bit more French at home, switch your old T-shirt and jogger pant for a chic and comfortable silky pajama set.

7. Silky Robes

French women love to wear a silky, satiny robe around the house. And I think it’s one of the easiest ways to feel chic, stylish, and comfortable at home. And even if silky robes are functional, I’ll admit there’s an air of Paris La Belle Epoque glam to them. After a long day, you’re taking a bath with lightened up candles while reading your favorite newspaper or magazine. Then, get out, dry off, and put your favorite silky pajama set and your beautiful silky robe. After a long day, cozying up in a silky, satiny wrap is the best way to self-care.

8. Slip Dresses

The slip dress is a French girl loungewear essential. Simple, feminine, and soft, slips will be a welcome addition to your lounge wardrobe. They are lovely to wear to bed, or with a robe on chilly mornings. In addition, you can layer under your favorite floaty, sheer dresses. Slips are essential in the French loungewear wardrobe if you want to lounge at home without sacrificing on style. And especially if nightgowns are more your style. Just opt for a short slip in a silky material to wear around the house or as your new go-to pajamas to wear to bed. 

9. Wide Leg Pants

As a French woman, I love lounging at home with a comfortable pair of wide-leg pants. They are my go-to lounge pants. If you want to have that French girl chic at home, you should opt for wide-leg or palazzo pants. They are just perfect if you want something other than legging that is comfortable enough while still giving you a polished look at home. Indulge in the comfort of wide-leg pants with a flexible waistband on some styles. The versatile lengths and fabrics mean there’s always a pair that fits your needs. Check out below the list of cozy wide-leg styles and palazzos pants that can be easily worn for 24 hours straight.

10. Slippers

A beautiful pair of slippers can elevate your loungewear outfit. And they are my favorite footwear to wear at home. If you’re like me and you’re spending now the majority of your time at home, I think there is no better option for comfort and style than a pair of at-home slippers. Check out below my favorite slipper styles, keeping you stylish and warm on a cozy day at home.

And you, what do you wear to lounge at home? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please add your comment below.

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