Best Beauty Products: March 2019

Best Beauty Products: March 2019

Welcome to my favorite beauty products, a monthly feature in which I’m sharing my favorite products that I’ve tested this month. They’re the best things I’ve tried all month long before having the opportunity to get sick of them and moving on to something new.

Since I’ve changed my diet (reducing sugar and dairy consumption) my skin has never been so clear and glowy. That might explain why in March I haven’t tried many different skincare products. Indeed, last month my skincare routine has been very minimalist; I’ve only tried a new micellar lotion, a face serum, and a hydrating moisturizer.

Avene – Micellar Lotion

Avene’s Micellar water removes makeup gently and effectively; the no-rinse formula is ideal for sensitive skin types. Sensitive skin can often look dull, red, itchy and tight and requires extra care to maintain its natural balance. The Avene Micellar Lotion is formulated with a high percentage of soothing Avene Thermal Spring Water, which is ideal to cleanse the most sensitive skin types. Like any other Micellar water, Avene’s lotion works to “trap” dirt and makeup without drying the skin out.

Avene – Hydrance Light Hydrating Emulsion

I love the Hydrance Light Hydrating Emulsion which is my go-to hydrating cream. Hydrance is a lightweight hydrating cream perfect for dehydrated and combination skin types. This emulsion works deeply to hydrate skin without overburdening it. Meiboserin limits the evaporation of the Avene Thermal Spring Water from the skin, while Lipomucine increases the coverage of hydration across the dermis. Sebo-absorbing capsules regulate oil production for a light mattifying effect.

Weleda – Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion

Weleda Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion is a refreshingly light cream that is quickly absorbed to moisturise and balance all skin types. Oily to combination skin gets moisture regulated into a healthy balance. The lighter version of Iris Hydrating Day Cream contains pure jojoba oil and beeswax to smooth the skin and make it able to cope with weather and dehydration. This natural cream supports the functions of the skin and helps to hold moisture in the skin. It’s a perfect base for make-up, for extra hydration I’m using Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer.

Antipodes – Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum 

This water-based serum accents the antioxidant potency of New Zealand-grown superfruits, to fortify skin cells against early aging and free radical damage. With a delicious fragrance of blackcurrant and boysenberry, this is the perfect way to worship your skin.

Antipodes’s Antioxidant Serum leaves skin deeply hydrated, plumped and protected against environmental aggressors and the signs of aging. Key ingredients are superfruit complex Vinanza Oxifend Plus®, boysenberry, blackcurrant, kiwifruit and antioxidant Vinanza Grape® from grape seeds. 100% natural and 95% organic serum.

Argiletz – Pink Clay Paste

Pink clay is known for its amazing benefits for sensitive skin because of its very light texture yet deeply restorative properties. Unlike other clay like green clay mask which works to absorb excess moisture and remove oiliness, pink clay do not remove the skin’s natural oils. Pink clay is then perfect for tight, dry and dehydrated skin which needs a helping hand when it comes to staying hydrated.

Ultra-ventilated and rich in natural trace elements, Argiletz’s pink kaolin clay gently refines your skin’s texture to bring out its natural glow and leave it feeling surprisingly soft.


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