French Beauty Tips from Joelle Ciocco

French Beauty Tips from Joelle Ciocco

Joëlle Ciocco is an internationally recognized French beauty expert who shares the best French beauty tips for a flawless and healthy skin. She’s the creator of the Centre de Soins Joëlle Ciocco in Paris, where you can consult her about beauty advice and skin concerns. Joëlle Ciocco also opened a laboratory where she formulates beauty products with customized solutions to meet the needs of each unique skin type. She’s an epidermiologist-expert of the skin-, a biochemist and she is also working closely with L’Oréal Group as a Global Facial Expert.

The consultation lasts about 2 hours, where she investigates about your health, your way of living, your habits, origins, genetic and your skin concerns. At the end of the consultation, she defines a “skin’s identity card” and a personal “skin prescription” in order to correct inappropriate habits which disturb the balance of your skin.

5 beauty tips I’ve learned from Joëlle Ciocco

1. Double cleansing

Always clean your skin at the end of the day, before going to bed. Joëlle Ciocco is called ‘the queen of cleanser’ because she believes that not removing makeup or impurities damages your skin and accelerates the aging process. She recommends cleansing twice your skin. A first cleansing to remove the makeup, and a second one to remove impurities, pollution, and dead skin cells. According to her, it’s not necessary to cleanse your skin in the morning, you only need to refresh your skin with a gentle floral toner.

2. Never use makeup wipes

Joëlle Ciocco has a strong opinion on makeup wipes: never use it! According to her, makeup wipes don’t effectively clean your skin, instead, they just smear dirt, bacteria, oil, and makeup across the face. Also, they could irritate your skin while you’re removing again and again your makeup. She also points out that many makeup wipes are packed with ingredients like SD alcohol 40 and denatured alcohol which can irritate and dehydrate your skin.

3. The higher SPF the better

Joëlle Ciocco’s advice regarding sunscreen is very simple: if you’re going to expose your skin to the sun use a high SPF, and the highest you can find (SPF 50). Because as we all know, the sun makes you age prematurely. However, don’t use an SPF on a daily basis (if you’re living in Paris, London or New York for example) and if you know you will be all day at work, sunscreen is totally useless in this case.

4. Face oil for every skin type

Joëlle Ciocco recommends to use face oil on a daily basis, it can work really well for all skin types, even oily skins can use it! Oil is a hydrating hero product as it retains water, protects skin from environmental damage and plumps out parched skin. Most oils are best applied at night to give them time to sink right into the skin and to prevent a messy makeup.

5. Less is more

Your skin care routine shouldn’t be composed of too many cosmetics, from too many different brands. Joëlle Ciocco explains that using a high number of different cosmetics can make your skin more sensitive and can cause irritations or skin allergic reactions. Quality is better than quantity.


Centre de Soins Épidermologue®
8 place de la Madeleine
75008, Paris


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